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PES Professionals Patch 2016 V4.1


PES Professionals Patch 2016 Version 4.1 Released 29 July ’16

Download PES2016 PC PES Professionals Patch 4.1

What’s New ?

  • Summer Transfers Until 28-7
  • Updated Kits for ( Arsenal – Chelsea – Manchester United – Manchester City – Leicester City – Tottenham – A.C. Milan – Inter Milan – Juventus – FC BARCELONA – Real Madrid – Bayern Munchen – Borussia Dortmund )
  • Fix All V4 Bugs
  • Tattoo Mode with switcher (ON – OFF) In the selector (330)
  • Add New Stadiums (White Hart Lane – Velodrome )
  • Add new Turf Pack (Real Turf By l4vezz1)
  • Add New Exterior View For 9 Stadiums ‘Exclusive’
  • Fix Porto Crash In Master league
  • Improve some players development rate after retired
  • Add new features in the selector (Edit Mode Wallpaper – Match Menu Wallpaper – Menus Color – Tatto mode switcher )
  • Adds about 120 new faces

How To Install:

1 – Run Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V4.1 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2016 Directory
2 – Setup Patch Fix from “PES Professionals Patch V4.1 Fix.exe”
3 – Open Your PES 2016 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016.exe”
4 – Select (Offline/Online) Mode and Enjoy :)


  1. You can disable classic teams before starting your master league
  2. We don’t change gameplay , We only use original KONAMI gameplay
  3. If you face lags , Turn off sweet FX From the selector , and switch turf to real turf
  4. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix
  5. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix
  6. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix

If you have black screen problem :-

  1. Make Sure you have PES 2016 installed
  2. Make Sure ‘PESProfessionals_Kits.cpk’ is 7.05 GB , if it smaller than that , install game in ‘NTFS’ disk partition not FAT32

Common Questions:

– I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V 4.0 installed

– I must download data packs ?

No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

– Can I disable SweetFX ?

Yes, Open selector’s tab ‘SweetFX’ and switch to ‘OFF’

– Do I need to uninstall other patches before installing this Patch ?

No, if you install PES Professionals Patch, the game will read it only

– My master league saves or become a legend , will be removed ?

No, but we recommend you to start new ML to enjoy with new patch features

– I can’t find new transfers but other features works well !

Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’

– Why when I add new cpk the game crash ?!

Generate Dpfilelist with correct order .
* Don’t include ‘PESProfessionals_Online.cpk
When you switch to Online Mode , it’ll be activated automatically.


– I can’t see tatto mode !

It switched off by default , you need to enable it with the patch selector
Open Selector >> ‘Others’ Tab >> Switch tatto mode to ‘ON’

Download :

Mediafire : Link
Fix : Link *IMPORTANT*

– Is necessary have the PES Professionals Patch V4 installed: Download

Credits: Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Mohamed Triki, Memo Patch Maker, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fçb, Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, fifacana, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Mo Ha, vangheljs, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, A7MED SB, spiritusanto, Fede, rednik, MarioMilan, Grkm, Andrey_Pol, Cronos, Bono10, MT Games 1991, Juegav, Various, WENS, Mahmoud Anwer, Marceu, Ludvan, MRI20, Wygno.

Big Thanks To: Shrief Elafify , Mohamed Tarek Shawky , Shieka facemaker, Facemaker Sameh Momen, kelvinchan327, Chiheb27 Facemaker, Boulbaba facemaker, Oussema Ouchikh, Mostafa Rezk.

Previews :

Updated Kits























New Squads









Tatto Mode


Selector New Features





New Boots and balls




  1. Man Utd goalkeeper kit is white, how tofix? and some players when i play 2 or 3 a invisible see only shorts, in edit mode all good, sorry bad english…..

  2. there is loading in stadium with tatto pack or no??and how many tatto pack ?? thanks bro

  3. Hello.i use arsenal and played home and then it crashed on master league.a little help please

  4. no tattoo and no recent transfer.
    i already did what u suggest but no work.
    please fix.

  5. All the player who have a tatoo have white texture on my computer can you help me please ?

  6. i launch the game by the selector Mohamed : Thanks for the help !!! ;( all the players edited have white arms

  7. I’m sure you did some thing wrong
    anyway you can open your game folder
    go to ‘PES Professionals Selector\Modes\Tatto Mode\On’
    copy all and paste in main folder and replace

  8. i don’t understand why it doesn’t work Mohamed …. I’m gonna try to reinstall the game with the mod and the fix …..

  9. should i have the v4 patch to install this ? cause i install and it didn”t work for me i have another patch vefore this not the v4

  10. Please help, when i turn on tatoos the exterior view get bugged – the half screen get black, and also i dont have transfers but if i turn it off i have, and when it TURNED ON i still dont have tatoos. What should i do ?

  11. plz fix group uefa champions league
    fenerbahce=>bate borisov

  12. There is bug while playing in old trafford with tattoo. The game freezes in opening cutscene.

  13. game is running fine, but the launcher doesnt save my settings after every exit. you know a awy to fix this? thanks

  14. why i have to switch on the tattoo mode every time i start to play ??…game don’t save my choise

  15. This update is too buggy, for next update please EXCLUDE THE TATTOOS, it only makes the game buggy .

  16. veo que todos tienen problemas con los tattoos! esperaré a mejor cuando arreglen el problema con otra actualización.

  17. I use this update professional patch, but i have some problems:
    – some players with tattoo in Brazil league, somehow their face turned white like a GHOST
    – the third kit for some team is not appear.
    – and some ground exterior view match, have some black part
    I don’.t know if there’s any other BUG, i like the new face and tattoo! please help me to fix this or please release a new fix for those BUGS.

    Thank you

  18. Great Work!!!!!
    But some transfers are missing for olympique Lyonnais and Marseille for example with Nkoulou, Bedimo, Mammana.
    The promotions and relegations in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 are missing too!
    Could you possibly change it for the next update?

    Thank you, and again amazing work!!!

  19. Hello, I have installed a ptepatch 6.0 final version. Can I install thi version too ?

  20. Selector wont save after exit. when open the selector again the setting is reset. always setting again before play game. thanks

  21. Can you please add transfers on LIGA NOS pls and kits just to the principal teams like Porto, Sporting, Benfica, Braga

  22. Sir, today I installed patch v4.1 first then 4.1 fix in the pes 16 directory, now using the selecter everything is okay except tattoo mode, it’s on but no tattoo in game. Please help Sir

  23. I didn’t have the tattoos on the first start. Than I exit the game, went to selector and switch tattoos off and on again, than it worked. You could try that.
    Tattoos are awesome. Thanks for the patch.

  24. Great patch, but Mohamed it has a bug some players with tattoo their faces turn white, please fix.

    thank you

  25. amazing job done..bravo!!! just cant add any of my CPK files 4example new bootpack, referee facepack etd….

  26. Selector wont save after exit. when open the selector again the setting is reset. always setting again before play game. thanks

  27. Offline Mode,SweetFX on/off,Administrator,DPFilelist korrekt but can’t Play 3D Game?Freeze every Time..what can I dooooooooooooooooooooooooo???????????????????

  28. can you update the exterior view & fix some of it? thanks a lot!
    great patch!
    and fix the bug :D

  29. i have a save data corrupted error in the game what is the solution admin or anyone else

  30. thank you to add a Malagasy club. But please, correct player names in the patch because they are called through her surname instead of his own name. Malagasy were called to their not their name names. For example: my name is “Fredo RATSIRARISON” and if someone calls me “Fredo” not “RATSIRARISON”. Thanks

  31. I’ve started a Master League and have notice some of the players have white arms or faces. What could be a problem?

  32. players is white body!!!
    tattoos is off!!!!
    What could be a problem??
    sorry bad english!!

  33. And so … too dark compared to Andria (USM Alger player) who is also Malagasy origin. thanks

  34. dear patcher(team), i love this patch, i’m very appriciate it, but i’ll love this more if you renew the stats of some player like mkhitaryan as example, he’s a good player but have 76 rating and wrong position, i hope you can fix it.
    BTW, i can give you some donation just contact me ok ;)

  35. Read the instruction please
    don’t check ‘PESProfessionals_Online.cpk’ if you will play offline
    when you switch to Online Mode , it’ll be activated automatically.

  36. Mkhitaryan have 83 rating in V4.1
    If you have any suggestion you can contact us on facebook page
    Thank you :)

  37. is there any chance for an addon with romanian league?at least the first league…. that will be so cool
    or maybe can you merge another patch in this one? there is a romanian league patch out now..but cant install it over your patch.. dont want to mess it…
    Hope for the future an addon will come..me and my mates will definetly party

  38. How can i get the default turf of konami because my game is very slow on your turfs packs

  39. hola como sacar las camaras de afuera del estadio al iniciar el partido, si se como descomprimir un cpk. gracias muy buen parche.

  40. hi how to get the cameras outside the stadium to start the game, if I know how to unzip a CPK . thanks very good patch .

  41. Players is white hand!!!
    What is the problem ?
    Please help me!!!Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

  42. If tatto mode ON, Ccn’t run gameplay Man City Home on UCL versus FC Barcelona, Please how to fix..????????????????????????????????????????

  43. If tatto mode ON, Can’t run gameplay Man City Home on UCL versus FC Barcelona, Please how to fix..????????????????????????????????????????

  44. whene i add messi’s new face i cant play whit tatto mode . when tatto is off messi’s face is ok but when its on messi’s new face is dont work and its still old face :(

  45. i have installed the v4 patch, and it work, but after i instal the v4.1 fix patch, the edited data unable to load because it from different version,
    how to fix it??

  46. please any solution for Man United GK kits all white?? wish to fix this..after all, amazing patch guys!

  47. when the next update of this patch?
    its always crash when i got final on San Siro-Milan always crash before opening ceremony song
    whats wrong? help pls reply

  48. i cant play in master league UCL, because the stadium is bug, i need to play without tatoo but the player will be white skinned
    fix pls

  49. sir plz help my game runs to slow and exterior view is not clear and but i love this patch it is awesome….plz help me sir exterior view is quiet blackish and game also runs tooo sloowwww…

  50. Paloschi Jesus games face is black… An many more player is black or white face when tatto mode on.. Thank s..

  51. DUDE.. i already unpack version 4.0 & 4.1+fix.. but pes cannot load because different version..

  52. I tried add more kits for to have old and new kits modifying the kits.cpk and the unicolor.bin, but the kits don’t appear and the boots and gloves disappear.
    Can you help me, please?

  53. the selector don´t save nothin when i exit and open again inluided the cpk file its reset!!! how can i fix it???

  54. 1º: Mode tatto: on, Face ->White/transparent<- "J. HEITINGA", "N. LÓPEZ".. others..
    2º: Brazilian League no atualized

    Version 4.2 (Transfers 07-08/2016).. please XDD

  55. please i have pes 2016 v1.0 and i didnt install any patch beffore… will pes profeesional patch v4.1 work with pes 2016 v1.0

  56. How to fix lag in game, before i use pes pro 2016 v5 never lag, my pc spec fine, all good, before this, i use pacth 6.0 +7.1 the i use this pes.. however help me to fix this..


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