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PES Professionals Patch 2016 V3.1


PES Professionals Patch 2016 Version 3.1

Download PES Professionals Patch 2016 Update 3.1

Patch Features :

What’s New ?

  • Compatible With Data Pack 3 And Version 1.04
  • Compatible With Online
  • Data pack 3 Included
  • Fixed All V3 Bugs
  • All UEFA EURO 2016 Kits
  • Add More Winter Transfers
  • Add new players ex : D.love , E.Eboue and more
  • Add more faces
  • Add more faces for classic teams
  • New Turf Pack ( Pitch Ultra HD )
  • Add Etihad Stadium
  • All Nationals anthems
  • Tatto Mode Included
  • Add More features for Selector
  • New boot pack
  • Add missed balls

General Features :

  • Included All Data Packs
  • Compatible With Online
  • English Premier League,Sky Bet Championship, SERIE A and Liga NOS Fully Licensed
  • Add Egyptian Premiere League Full
  • Add Chants Pack
  • Tatto Mode Included
  • Add Selector which you can switch Online/Offline Mode , Referee Kits , Scoreboard , StartScreen And More Features
  • Add 5 Uefa Champions League Teams ( Bate Borisov , Malmo , Shakhtar , Cska Moscow , Astana , Dinamo Zagreb )
  • Add 3 Uefa Europa League teams ( BESIKTAS JK , FENERBAHCE SK , CELTIC FC )
  • Classic Players All Licensed
  • Add New Classic Teams ( La Liga Classic Players , Premiere League Classic Players , Serie A Classic Players )
  • Real Coachs Names And Photos
  • Improve Some Players development rate in Master league
  • Stadium Pack By Estarlen Silva
  • Turf Pack By Donyavia
  • New Stadiums Preview

How To Install:

1 – Run Installer from “PES Professionals Patch V3.1 Install.exe” And Select Your PES 2016 Directory
2 – Setup Patch Fix from “PES Professionals Patch V3.1 Fix.exe”
3 – Open Your PES 2016 Directory and open “PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016.exe”
4 – Select (Offline/Online) Mode and Enjoy :)


  1. You can disable classic teams before starting your master league
  2. We don’t change gameplay , We only use original KONAMI gameplay
  3. If you face lags , Turn off sweet FX From the selector , and switch turf to Pitch Ultra HD
  4. If you have any Issue , you will find solutions here
  5. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix
  6. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix
  7. Don’t forget Download and setup the Fix

Common Questions:

– I Must download earlier patch versions to install the patch ?

Yes, Is necessary have the PES Professionals V 3.0 installed

– I must download data packs ?

No, It’s already included in PES Professionals patch

– Can I play online with PES Professionals patch ?

Yes, In patch selector you can switch to online mode

– Can I disable SweetFX ?

Yes, Open selector’s tab ‘SweetFX’ and switch to ‘OFF’

– Do I need to uninstall other patches before installing this Patch ?

No, if you install PES Professionals Patch, the game will read it only

– My master league saves or become a legend , will be removed ?

No, but we recommend you to start new ML to enjoy with new patch features

– I found Egyptian League teams but with fake names !

Make sure you run the game in offline mode.
If not solved, Open selector’s tab ‘Others’ and click ‘Setup Option File’

โ€“ Is necessary have the PES Professionals Patch V3 installed: Download

One Link

Mediafire Parts

Credits : Elmodamer, Hosamalfars, Mohamed Triki, Memo Patch Maker, Mahmoud Ibrahim FCb, Estarlen Silva, Donyavia, Hawke, Txak, Tunizizou, fifacana, JesusHrs, Nemanja, Mo Ha, vangheljs, MFZ69, cRoNoSHaCk, Znovik_S, Kairzhanov_21, A7MED SB, spiritusanto, Fede, rednik, MarioMilan, Grkm, Andrey_Pol, Cronos, Bono10, MT Games 1991, Juegav, Various, WENS

Big Thanks To : Shieka facemaker, Sameh Momen, kelvinchan32

Patch Previews :



New boots


Tatto Mode Without crashes In Cut Scenes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

*Messi will be wearing default formal suit , this polo isn’t in patch


Premier League Youth Players faces


World Classics new faces


European Classics new faces


LA LIGA Classics new faces


SERIE A classics new faces


Some add faces


Classics teams


Updates Coaches names and Rival teams


Nationals Anthems


Some arab players new faces


Some Bundesliga new faces


Some Data Pack 3 new faces


Ettihad Stadium


Emirates Stadium


Update Juvi Kits


Algeria and morocco new kits


New Turfs



Egyptian League updated kits


Egyptian league new faces


Selector New Features



UEFA EURO 2016 Previews










  1. Thank you very much because you read my comment.
    Thank you for no Sweet FX and default scoreboard.

  2. Torrents
    drive. google. com/file/d/ 0ByfGXf3nZl-nM2dHd3g0WHdmSEU /view?usp=sharing
    drive. google. com/file/d/ 0ByfGXf3nZl-nOE1PTW1DVGxORUk /view?usp=sharing

  3. Boriing!….
    Waiting for more improvisation…
    Replace the current league like PAS etc with other league maybe sportoto/UPL/RPL…
    But anyway you already did great job here,respect…

  4. Hi. Can i add some faces and kits and replay logo and… After setup this patch with dpfile ?
    Nice patch i will download it .
    But please awnser my questions.

  5. @sadra, Sure you can add your add-ons to PES Professionals patch with Dpfilelist
    @fifabangsat, also you can add any gameplay patch to PES professionals patch

  6. thanks. good job.
    this patch is best.
    but some users in other websites say : bundesliga isnt full. logos and names and kits are nice but there arent any real players. . is it true?

  7. porque no agregan una liga en la americana puede ser la de mexico o estados unidos

  8. lol, best patch – Aubameyang in bundesliga have 93 dribbling and 69 shot accuracy, can’t imagine what stats have another bundesliga players… From where this? In PTE patch all is accurate.

  9. Hey, why do I have white arms on players?

    Also stats for CSKA is 3 stars?

    When I use original edit file, team places are messed up, CSKA is 2 stars??? What am I doing wrong?

  10. First of all can someone fix Ronaldo fenomeno skin colour. The guys skin is too dark. Second I have installed v3 do I just download fix and install or what

  11. Ok ! I respect your work because i k’now it’s hard , but if this is a Proffesional Patch , i see a lot UnProfesional inside !!! Example :
    Bundesliga player stats very low , Other Europe player stats also very low , CSKA Moscow most players exist already in National Team clubs as free agent but you created new players with very low stats and now players exist 2 times in the game , SkyBet teams have wrong Nick names like example Leeds you made them LEU they are LEE , also SkyBet teams plays in stadiums like Bonbonera , Saitama , it’s about to create them to be on stadiums where you can change stadiums names , so please explane me what Proffesional is that ?

    Sorry but the most good patch is Emodder with MVP gamplay ofc. , and no matter is still on DLC 2 .

  12. how to restore Mahrez face to the original from konami dlc 3 ?
    they are much better than your face .
    but you are a very good patch . thank you

  13. My favorite patch so far,. Just a few opportunities.

    1. Fix duplicate players (Kevin Volland)

    2. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang needs fixing, he has a great face and yet his body is pale (really odd lol and his stats are WAY off.

    3. Seems like the Bundesliga states in general need attention.

    You fix those small details and you have undeniably the best patch for PES.

  14. how to deactive tattoo? i installed yaku gameplay patch and i see all player with tattos have white hand coz i cannot install tm_patcher (not valid exe file). my question is how to deactive tatto? or what i must delete?

  15. hola, un trabajo muy bueno. lo malo es que AFC Champions League no funciona me sale error. si lo pudieran correjir les estaria muy agradecido, GRACIAS

    hello, a very good job. the trouble is that AFC Champions League does not work I get error. if they could correjir them would be very grateful, THANKS

  16. please help the selector doesn’t work and when i try to change anything it all back to what it was when i close the selector or play the game pleeeeeeeeeeeeease respond

  17. when you will release new update all patch are updated why you dont please release update for this patch

  18. Data Pack 4.0 โ€“ Patch 1.05…Rijkaard.Donadoni. Costacurta.Albertini.Boniek.please

  19. Hi @Mohamed Alaa, can you please advise on how to add cpk on Professional Patch 4.2, I use the Dpfilelist 4.0 still it does not change anything in the game…


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