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Hi. We would like to activate the new PES Patch to Internetmap. We need 150 clicks.

Internet Map In the future we want to build a stadium there.

– NEW FEATURE: now you can post directly to site your patch. Submit patch ! Read more…

Now you can submit patches, easy way.


nickname, email.
– website (optional), but maybe you would like to add your site where u came from, in what forum are you registered.
– post content. Use as many images u want. Use tags like in your forum, no problems. Don’t remember to add links to download.
– images are automatically resized to maximum 610 width. So you don’t need to resize anything. Use as many images as you want
– select category.
– send.

What we do:
– will aprove your post as soon as possible.
– will add mirrors, to be sure patches are always online.
– will costumize your post to look as best it can be.
– longer posts will have the READ MORE option. (Read the rest of this entry »)
– all posts are moderated. Do not try to submit fake patches or you will be banned and you will cannot acces site.
– we reserve the right to edit description.

For other suggestions feel free to coment.

Internet Map In the future we want to build a stadium there. Maybe something like this ?

Anyone designer in pixeling ? Have a project ideea, PES related ? Contact us.
Internet Map


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