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PES-Patch.com is doing some changes today


PES-Patch.com is doing some changes today… be patient and come back later to see our new look ;)


– PES-Patch.com Youtube Channel
– PES-Patch.com Linkedin
– PES-Patch.com Facebook Fan Page
– PES-Patch.com Twittter

you can find them from now on here (by clicking the icon) :

– navigate to the next page by clicking here: » or directly on page number :

– menu is missing for now… to add soon.

Later update : update finished (for now).

Do you want the old background ? Or not ? What is missing ?

Do you want more features ? Like… (leave a comment).


  1. Crishtiano, can you give me a screenshot of what you see ?
    you will download pes 2012 demo @ september 2011

  2. very very veryyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooood beliveme I thought I’m in another website lol hahahahahaha
    goood 5/5

  3. pls, dont insert any background. its very nice to have blank+dark background like the current one.

  4. stars were nice but bad people voted 1 star for good patches just for fun or bad intentions that he simply didn’t like the patch maker… and this is a bad thing. better without it. we will keep the like button.


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