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PES-Patch.com 2016 Classic Patch v0.6.5 by Lagun-2


PES-Patch.com 2016 Classic Patch v0.6.5 by Lagun-2

Download PES-Patch 2016 Classic Patch by Lagun-2 Preview 2016 Classic Patch 0.6.5

New Features In Version 0.6.5:

– Fix Valencia 98-04
– New faces – total 321 faces (thank to dirk)
– Fix faces (thanks to dirk)
– Players of the teams reordered (Liga)
– Updated formations (Liga)


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PES-Patch.com 2016 Classic Patch v0.6.7 by Lagun-2


  1. Please if possible reorder also Seria A formations and players and fix some bad faces as Deshamps, Ravanelli, Djorkaeff

  2. Dear Hagi Adrian, I uploaded in this website my last update of my gameplaypatch.
    (Database+Animations+Gameplay Patch v0.6) You didnt post it. I dont know why, I hope you or GenRu upload my last version.
    Thank you

  3. why you come talk about your patch in other people post?…please Yaku, be serious!!

  4. Hallo Lagun-2, i wonder if i can adapt your wonderful patch to pes 2015 because this pes 2016 is too arcade for me….much better pes 2015…

  5. Seedorf and many other players have a black face and white body, numbers and callnames are wrong somebody know why ?

  6. this patch is very awesome n perfect…. if have new update face and formation in Italian league….

  7. Hello.please create the international team like England 90-2005 in game.or brazil 98-2006 please
    And please create Ac Milan 94-2005 please

  8. i’ve downloaded all parts.. Patch,Launcher,Graphics,Faces,DpFileList,Stadiums,Logos,Kits,Sound.. but still nothing changes when i play even through the launcher.. is there something that i miss? please help


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