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PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha 0.7.2 by razib_46


PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha 0.7.2 Released 01/05/2015

Download PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha 0.7.2


• Player’s Editor
– Name
– Shirt name
– Nationality
– Player styles
– Age
– Height and weight
– Positions
– Stats
– Players skills
– COM playing styles
– Player’s motions
– Boots relink
– Stats adjustments
– Created players from in-game editor are supported
– New added extra players are supported

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• Teams’s Editor
– Name
– Short name
– Nationality
– Manager’s name
– Manager’s nationality
– Home stadium relink
– Home stadium name
– Banner’s Text
– Rival clubs
– New added extra teams are supported

• Teams’s Line-up Editor
– Change players
– Change player’s position in team
– Change player’s number in team
– Change formations
– Change kickers

• Teams’s Transfers Editor
– Easy drag & drop function to move players
– Transfers players between teams
– Transfers players from all player’s list
– Remove a player from a team
– Search players by name

• Stadiums & Leagues Editor
– Stadiums name
– Unlocked stadiums are supported
– League/cup name
– Relink league/cup ball

• Export/Import
– Export player
– Import player (PES 2015 only)
– Export all players
– Export all players to team
– Import all players from team (PES 2015 only)
– Export team (with it’s line-up, captain, formation etc…)
– Import team (PES 2015 only)
– Export formation and nubers
– Import formation (PES 2015 only)

• General
– Compatible with all DLC’s
– All bootspack are fully supported
– All ballspack are fully supported


– Corrected wrong formation bug
– Corrected wrong player’s position bug
– Now load all teams from EDIT.bin


Alby #17; cabry; coragi; goldorakiller; nicola[VS2]; PrinçipeDade; SMcCutcheon; zioborgo


  1. Great job Master.But you know….weeee waaaaaaaaaaant mooooooooore…A billion thanks….Regards.

  2. Hi everybody,

    Many thanks to Razib_46 for this tool. I think all we can do with it is to rename players, teams, stadiums, legues & cups besides moving a player from a team to another.
    I am wondering if there is a tool like “pesedit ultimate editor” that we used for pes 2012, 2011…etc., to edit leagues: to reduce the number of teams from 20 to 16 or 14 teams, changing teams in a cup competition : like changing “Asian Nations Cup” to “Copa America” or “African Nations Cup” with 4 groups.
    Also we used to change players “skin color” using “pes editor”.
    I tried “Pro Evo Editing Studio” but it’s not working.
    If anybody knows o tool to do these changes to pes 2015 or pes 2014, please share it with us.
    Many thanks to all of you guys.

  3. immique,change the Number of teams in the league, and can in the game, but only those leagues are edited

  4. Hi.

    Great work but Team import/export over original team is not working 100%. Only Team name and team attributes are working. Team players stay the same after importing new team, no new players get imported with new team.

  5. wonderful!
    but when i try change the ball it is error.
    and will you add to change CAPITAL LETTERS in team and player names?

  6. Please create an option to change all notes globally.

    I want to change all the notes as follows:
    1) – 33%
    2) + 33
    3) – 50%
    4) + 99%
    5) + 4


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