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PES Multiverse Option File 5.0 (DP 4.02)


PES Multiverse Option File V5.0 – Compatible With Latest Datapack 4.02

Download PES Multiverse Patch 5.0Features:
– Brazilian league fixed – Player names all fixed.
– All international teams are fixed with real players and real kits
– Partizan Belgrade, Red Star Belgrade, RB Salzburg and Mol Vidi FC (Videoton before) added to Other European Leagues clubs
– Bali, Ha Noi, Johor, Minerva, Amrokkang, April 25, Hwaebul, Kigwancha, Pyongyang City and Rimyongsu added to Extra Asian clubs.
– All South American club teams finished.
– Thai League and Chinese Super League added from Datapack 2.0
– Stadiums from Datapack 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 included
– Classic team players names fixed
– La Liga teams all 100% complete – all badges, kits, managers and rivalries done.
– Seria A teams all 100% complete – all badges, kits, managers and rivalries done.
– Eredivisie teams all 100% complete – all badges, kits, managers and rivalries done.
– Ligue 1 teams all 100% complete – all badges, kits, managers and rivalries done.
– Bundesliga – All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, rivalries and stadiums all done.
– Liga MX 100% completed – All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, stadiums, rivalries, again all fixed
– J-League 100% completed – All teams, players, kits, badges, managers, stadiums and rivalries all done, and more.

– All managers and rivalries fixed from the following leagues:
– Jupiler Pro League
– Superliga
– Ligue 1
– Ligue 2
– Serie A
– Eredivisie
– Liga NOS
– Russian Premier League
– Ladbrokes Premiership
– La Liga
– Raiffeisen Super League
– Turkish League and more

Put the following file in:
Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\76561198032127891


Size: 2.05 Gb

Put it in the same folder as just mentioned above.

The OFFLINE ONLY additional content, perfect for Master League and Become A Legend saves

– 11 new stadiums added (Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Stade de France, Allianz Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin, Stadion Narodowy, Signal Iduna Park, Wanda Metropolitano, Etihad Stadium, Stamford Bridge and the Santiago Bernabeu) thanks to the terrific work of MJTS-140914 here in evo-web!
– Champions League details added thanks to the evo-web community – Real licensed balls added (rather than just generics)
– Real La Liga kit fonts and more
– A lot of faces added into the game plan menu for a lot of teams.
– A lot of Bundesliga faces fixed
– Tattoos have been added to certain players.
– National team logos added.
– Preds chants, national anthems and european music on menus file
– Plus a few more smaller details besides..

Updated to work with Datapack 4.0

Put the following file in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\


Size: 3.68GB


Use this backup of your original file for online play. Use our one in this download for offline play and all the additions mentioned.

This is only necessary for offline modes like Master League. If you exclusively play online modes like MyClub, ignore this file. If you play both offline and online, make a backup of your DpFileList.bin file. So you can use that file for online play. CPK files make it so that you cant find online matches. Welcome to Konami’s “Hacker/Cheater Prevention”. Use the file in this downloaded folder for Master League and other offline modes.

Never press Apply Live Update under the Edit menu button as you will never need it and it will break the custom teams.

I want to make a best-of all-in-one pack. This isn’t just my patch, this is a community patch! There is plenty more I have probably forgot to mention. I hope you all enjoy the release!

There may be other things I have forgot to add to the list.. But then again, I can’t spoil all the additions in one list!

Credit: The stadium pack link! Fantastic work by MJTS-140914

The fantastic work by predator002 mentioned above! Brilliant work!

Note: For those having problems with the patch, try a clean install like so:
– uninstall the game
– delete anything to do with PES on your hard drive in C:/ and Documents
– reinstall the game
– start the game
– make your profile and settings
– go to Extras tab on the main menu and press Apply Live Data
– close the game after that is done
– put the 2 folders I have here for the patch where they should be
– start the game again and, hopefully, enjoy.

Please, if you enjoy the work follow us on twitter at @PesMultiverse and our website.

Please ONLY download this from this site or from our website. Don’t go on other dodgy websites that may have stolen this. I can’t guarantee it will be legit.

Thank you once more!

I will update to 5.1 with added game plans. Or even a 6.0 if the file mentioned by Badrrimus has a lot of stuff to offer and it’s worthy of it’s own update.

Edit.bin file, is here:


To make game work with DP 4.02 read this guide and enjoy the patch with new DP!


  1. I just downloaded PES 2019, and I want to install this patch, but I see three download options, how do I know which one has them all?

  2. Hello, I did a fresh install of game on pc, when I put the downloads into download folder and generate them, it makes the 4.0 data pack go back to 3.0, why?

  3. DT80_100E 101 E along with minifaces by Cesc where stopping it correctly generating the DPFL. to 4.02

    Removing them from the list got it working for me. Hope this helps.

  4. The “edit.bin” and “save” archives are necessary for the patch to work, you have to download them both, then follow the instructions. The “download” archive is optional, download it only if you want the added features mentioned in the “offline only” section. Hope that helps!

  5. It’s this option compatible with another patchs? in my case, with Execo (smoke patch)

  6. When I try to update the data pack to 4.00 with this patch…data pack is not updating (with clean install also)

    After Update to DLC 4.02 the Game is broken again.

    To solve this do following steps :

    1. Download latest DPFileList Generator

    2. Do this LoadOrder :

    – dt80 100
    – ….
    – dt80 402
    – (Ball_Pack)
    – (Glove Pack V5)
    – Bundesliga Miniface
    – FaceTattoPack
    – TattoopackVol2
    – Font Numbers
    – Combn Adboards
    – GP Poty
    – GP-UEL Trophy
    – Minifaces By Cesc
    – National Team Logos
    – Trophy Libertadores
    – Preds Chants
    – Preds Chants IcritV8
    – Preds LicenseAll Team
    – Preds English Callnames
    – Preds EuropeMenuMusic
    – PredsKanas Nat Anthem
    – Stadium MJTS PES2019
    – Santiago Bernabeu
    – New SB MJTS
    – Ethiad Stadium
    – NEW SB With Snow
    – StadiumPackUpdateDP4
    – (CC Turf 4.3)
    – (CC Turf 4.4 Update)

    DELETE the Preds Chantlist IcritAiO and make sure that every cpk is up to date.

    When using Incas dt18 try to use without DPFile List, backup your original dt18 from Konami and let it override

    3. Download Updated EditFile and past in Save Folder
    EDIT00000000 Size: 7.04 MB https://www32.zippyshare.com/v/obt8tZPc/file.html

    4. Have Fun (EDIT00000000 above will be replaced by the new 5.01 EDIT00000000 released)


    Before you try to use the new DLC5 when it is released please DO NOT use the license all teams pack. With it enabled, your edit won’t update properly. Just deactivate it from your dpfilelist or sider.ini and await a new version after DLC5 is released.

    Thanks @predator002

  8. Need some help with the patch. I pasted the 2nd 3.68GB file to steamapps/common/PES and the first 2Gb file to documents>KONAMI. Then the BIN file to the documents and overwrote it with the latest patch fix. Now I have the correct names for the teams and Bundesliga teams but the kits and Club logos are still not there. Also, can’t get to disable the auto update. Anyone know what more I need to do?


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