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PES Mega Facepack Update 2 June 2019


Hello, with this update 24 new players are added to PES Mega facepack, 8 are replaced with better/updated models.

Pack 6.6 Preview

10 players that got the face from Konami with datapack 6.0 are removed from the pack.

Updated links for PES mega facepak All IN ONE (includes these 32 new faces, in total 977 faces added only to the players with NO real face in the game)


IMPORTANT: if there is any face that causes the blocking of the game (return to the windows when you play a specific team), let me know and I will find out exactly what and I will remove it from the package.

Credits to the facemakers are in the downloaded file.

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● More patch FanPage Pes Sudamerican Patch: http://bit.ly/2wlFDnD
● More Patch Youtube Pes Sudamerican Patch: https://goo.gl/qdAVmS
● Youtube Channel Bartosz Dębowski: https://goo.gl/w2F2ey



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