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PES-ID Ultimate Patch v2.0 AIO Season 2017-18 For PES 2013


PES-ID Ultimate Patch V2.0 All In One Season 2017-2018

Download PES 2013 PES-ID Ultimate Patch Update 2.0 AIO Version

Standalone patch (It doesn’t matter if you have PESEDIT 6.0 or other patches, this patch stand alone and will not disturb other patches), fit DLC 6.0
Added new 1700+ Faces & Hairs
Added 50+ Youngsters
Full updated La Liga, Bundes, Ligue 1 and more for 2017/2018 season
New national kits
Automatic scoreboard switch depends on the tournament
Automatic adboard switch depends on the tournament
Better graphics
Realistic Master League Mode – Video Preview Available
Added 14 Coaches (Antonio Conte, Zinedine Zidane, Arsene Wenger, etc.)
Settings for Low-end PC user
Settings for High-end PC user (Ultra SweetFX)
PES 2018 kit model
High Definition turfs
Multi-functional launcher
Stadium’s mosaic (can be activated and deactivated in launcher)
Indonesian League (Gojek-Traveloka Liga 1)
New stadiums in PES-ID Stadium Pack (Replace stadium system)
Player stats based on PSD (mostly)


You don’t have to install the previous versions to install PES-ID Patch.
If you have previous versions(v1.0) Please remove the patch first.

Credits: KONAMI, PES Logos, Forzamilan, Team P-PES, Micano4u, wahyust, H.F.T, L.G.R, R-Patch, barcafan, [email protected], Jenkey1002, PTE Team for information.


  1. great patch butt serie a teams lineups bad job .. many new young players missing ! schick,Loria,Pellegri,moises kean,orsolini .. etc it would be perfect with serie a teams fully update .

  2. @meto-zd waiting update transfers, the summet transfer will be very interesting! ;)

  3. Hi, There! Thank you for the information, I will make an update for everything for sure, I just need time for the summer transfer to be done! Thanks for using this patch, I hope you enjoy it. many love! <3

  4. there is a problem when i start league and choise team like eng team man utd and when start game the logo of league is bundesliga why ? i mean its like the bundesliga version of the all league can you fix it ?

  5. and why sometimes i cant change the face of coach ? from pack and by the way your patch is the best ever creat keep it up great work !

  6. You need to save your ML Data first before you use the coach face. Try to save the ml-data, then exit the game. After that open the launcher again and select your ML data(ex: ML01), then after that change the coach face. Hope this helps!

  7. Cant start game with Launcher. In Win 10, i always get error (have to force close) when i start the game via Launcher. Any solution?

  8. its says PES-ID Launcher is stop working. I already try to start the game from pesid2013.exe . i can get into the game but everythig is oversized like ‘match icon’ to the ‘exit icon’.

  9. Guys, make sure did you install patch corectly, and run patch like administrator!!

  10. I already re-install the patch several times. but always got same result. Oh! Btw, what do you mean by “don’t forget to check the application properties”?

  11. I already did that, but always ended with error results when executed the game via launcher though. :(

  12. Great Patch, and i have a problem, when i start new Master League, using team Like, Nothingham Forest, when it start i cant play the competition SKY BET Championship, i just can play Training Game, FA CUP, or Europa League (If i win) and it happen 5 season and until season 2022/2023 still. cannot play it.. do you know, what happen/or something wrong ?

  13. can i put from other patch Bulgarian League and Bulgarian staduim ? i want APFG A profesinall Futball Groop pls and how to do it if its possible?

  14. why i can’t access part 4? it says error in exception handler. please help me

  15. why there is not file unnamed 1982 i cant replace leauge and club without this file? help pls

  16. why there is not unnamed 1982 i cant repalce a league and club with out this file pls help !

  17. why when i change league name and when i re open the game is change to default league name ? pls help me i changed the league name and is still the old name when i restart the game

  18. I have big problem all europe national team are all white only bosna have normal kits i mean any solution? ty.

  19. Yes I agree, I use that website as references too. I will make more 2nd divisions, Serie B, La liga 123, and 2. Bundesliga, but it will take time, maybe 1 divisions per update.

  20. Hi why when i try to change league name from option file is back to default ? league name

  21. Thanks bro,and if you can make Ligue 2 or Segunda division,not only Championship ,will be better .

  22. Hi,

    I have a problem, actually it is not because of this patch but I wonder if you can help me.
    When I add any patch (smoke – PESEdit – sun patch) or any patch, all of the teams’ kits are blue kits.
    Does anybody know how I can fix this problem.

    Thank you

  23. My teams logos, yerseys, names are the same as default Pes13 , and same transfers like 13 how to fix this it looks like i need option file ?

  24. Hello. I installed the patch. After lunch, I wanted to run the patch and says that pes 13 is not installed. Is there a solution?

  25. i have a problem because i cant change the 2nd leagues. When i open the pesidlauncher Its just EFL championship , the others are missing


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