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Pes-Hellas Patch2017 update 2018 [02 September]


From the link at the bottom of this post you can download Pes-Hellas patch facepack for pes 2017 and tattoo pack updated. This update also contains updates for some classic rosters, for this reason if you download these files and you have in progress Master League with classic players, you must create a new one(If no there is no problem). You can download it either as parts or as torrent. Installation is same like the whole patch (no like add-on).

Download All Star Classic PES2018 Patch

Update 2018 contains:
-Fixed bug with Day Rainy weather at Emirates Stadium
-Updated faces for all leagues
-Added new faces (7400+ in total)
-New classic players added
-Updated classic rosters

* link coming soon. @ pes-hellas-2.blogspot.com

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  1. Για το pes 2017 θα κυκλοφορησει ενημερωση καινουργιων μεταγραφων και καινουργιων εμφανισεων για ολες της ομαδες (Κυριως της Ελληνικες) και εαν οχι υπαρχει αλλο patch συμβατο με αυτο ????

  2. I have pes 2018 installed with no any update can you help me to know how can i use your patch to update untill last update…..please

  3. what’s difference btn PTE, EXO, & PES HELLAS PATCHES…….can i mix them in my pes, i never update since being installed

  4. And please can i know differnc btn PTE, EXO, PES HELLAS patches,can i mix them in my one pes game 2018 or i supposed to choose one tpe of provider and go allover updates

  5. Δυστηχως φιλε δεν θα βγει κατι γιατι δεν υπαρχει ο χρονος και η διαθεση, Οσον αφορα το δευτερο ερωτημα η απαντηση ειναι οχι διοτι καθε πατς εχει το δικο του database(πχ σε αυτο το πατς θα βρεις στις κλασσικες χαλκηδονα και πανηλειακο, αυτες δεν θα τις βρεις σε αλλο πατς του pes 2017 ομως στα id αυτα τα αλλα πατς εχουν αλλες ομαδες. Οπως καταλαβαινεις ολο αυτο δημιουργει προβλημα).

  6. Yes,
    1. visit our forum pes-hellas. com
    2. find download and install Special Edition
    3. find download and install Special Edition1.1+fix
    4. find download and install Special Edition1.2
    5. That’s all!!!

  7. no you can install only one patch
    they all have common features like correct leagues and teams and players and transfer …..
    but they are different in some places like additional leagues and updates ….
    for me i prefer Pes SMOKE Patch they have already uploaded a new patch for pes 18 with pes 19 database


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