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PES-HELLAS Patch 2018 v1.00


PES-HELLAS PATCH 2018 Version 1.00 For PES 2018

Download HELLAS 2018 Patch

This patch contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions and names
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundesliga 100%
-SERIE A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La liga 100%
-La liga 2 100%
-liga NOS 100%
-MX League 100%
-J.LEAGUE 100%
-Full champions league teams(added missing teams Apoel,Maribor,Qarabag,etc.)
-Full Europa League teams (RB Salzburg,apollon Limassol,rijeka,etc.)
-Added Aris fc and Iraklis fc
-Copa libertadores teams
-6 New Asian teams for AFC Champions League
-2 African clubs available in master league(el ahly,wydad casablanca)
-Full Europe national teams(Cyprus,Montenegro,Faroe Islands,Latvia,etc.)
-1 new classic team
-real classic players
-real names of players in all national teams
-real kits to all national teams
-real names to all brazilian players
-New Minifaces
-New Scoreboard to all competitions
-Chants for a lot of teams
-Adboards for a lot of teams and competitions
-real coaches(until DLC 2.00 release)
-new gloves
-new balls
-new graphics
-new boots
-new Menu
-280+ New faces for all leagues
-Added tattoo for a lot of players
-All default stadiums unlocked
-and much more

*Be careful with Ultimate Arena Stadium because it is designed mainly for Night mode

in day mode maybe you will force some bugs

**if you’d like our job DONATE us every amount you want by pressing donate button at the top of the right side of our blog. It is very important for us to receive motivation, to give our free time to continue and update or improve our job.

First version of Pes-Hellas patch 2018 is available for download. You can download it either as torrent or as parts. There are 17 parts. After the end of downloading, you must download fix file. Fix file contains fixed Bundesliga kits and some faces. Install information you will find at Readme. txt file that is in patch files.


Credits: Are available at the end of readme.txt file


  1. Obrigado pelo lançamento deste patch, vou já fazer o download e depois dou noticias. OBRIGADO

  2. Great patch really! Finally a real Bundesliga 100%. Just one little thing tough. In Bundesliga, in fact, in the replays there’s the La Liga logo showing up. And when the match starts it says League Santader…I was playing Bayern Munich against BVB.

    Other than that, it’s really great

  3. I tried a friendly match Aris vs Iraklis and when I had the ball, the other team players doesnt mark me properly and they walk down near to the coach.. is this a bug for other europeans teams or its a “normal” bug for several teams? btw I played for example Barca vs Real and it was ok.

  4. This is because in patch there is la liga scoreboard. If you don’t want it you can change it with another just download one and use dpfilelist generator to add it to patch (add it as the last file)

  5. Ok….thanks.

    But I’m not really that much into mod and patch and fix…I mean I don’t know how to do. I guess I’ll stay like that, ain’t so bad.

  6. How do I remove the La Liga scoreboard? I tried adding a new scoreboard to the DPFile but the La Liga scoreboard was still there. Is there any way to just revert back to the original scoreboard?

  7. I have the original steam version of pes btw.. I will try some gameplay patch if you could suggest me one.. thanks btw!

  8. Nice patch, i like hear supportes, commentators like Legia Warszawa, but in Poland i feel bad choose “Nic się nie stało”(eng. Nothing happened). National anthems better than what Konami gave. The worst thing that can not be done in the game is to add (not edit) the league or countries if they are missing and create their own cups on different rules (as now UEFA NATION LEAGUE). I hope for PES2019 if KONAMI think about this. I would remove a small piece of advice, a scorebar from la liga and somehow store it in other files.

  9. We don’t have members to create Cyprus kits if you want to help, or if you know someone who can help you are welcome!!!

  10. I can’t suggest you one because I didn’t use. Maybe this bug is for some teams. You can fix easy by going to edit mode and change this team tactic. Not full game plan if you don’t want only formation

  11. Ειμαι Κυπριος που ενδιαφερομαι να βοηθησω στη δημιουργια Κυπριακου Πρωταθληματος στο Patch σας. Πως μπορω να ερθω σε επαφη με εσας;


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