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PES-Hellas Patch 2017 v2.00


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 2.00 Released 25 April ’17

Download PESHellas Update Patch 2.0

This patch contains:
-Fixed bugs from previous versions (White hands, Dortmund Stadiums etc)
-Winter transfers
-24 New european teams (Full Europa and Champions League Teams + Aris)
-10 New mexican teams
-15+ New national teams (Cyprus, Congo DR, Indonesia, Canada, etc.)
-10 New Classic Teams (Chalkidona, Parma, East Germany, etc.)
-Fixed faces for two default Classic Teams
-Added missing kits for J-League
-Added kits for T&T Hanoi
-Added two new stadiums (Maracana, Velodrome)
-More minifaces
-1850+ New faces for all leagues
-Added tattoo for a lot of players
-New balls
-New graphics (fog like fifa17, Diagonal rain, etc.)
-More choreo
-New menu like FIFA 17
-and much more

PES-HELLAS Patch Version 2.00 For PES 2017 is available for download (Before download this you must have ver 1.00 + fix2). For install information view readme file. You must download all 18 parts or download it as torrent. If you want to install it with dpfilelist generator you must follow the order from manual folder.

It is compatible with DLC 3.00 and all official patch.


Pes-Hellas patch general contains (ver1.00+fix2):

-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundes 100%
-SERIE A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La liga 100%
-La liga 2 100%
-liga zon sagres 100%
-Argentina and Chile league 100%
-MLS 100%
-Full champions league teams (added missing teams Rostov,Celtic,Ludogorets,etc.)
-More European teams (zenit,apoel,shakhtar,etc.)
-New asian teams (arema cronus,perth glory,T&T HANOI,etc.)
-real classic players
-real names of players in all national teams
-real kits to all national teams
-New stadiums, 40 in total (3 of them are greek)
-800+ new faces for players at all leagues
-New minifaces
-New scoreboard
-Chants for all greek teams
-Coreografia for a lot of stadiums
-new gloves
-new balls
-new graphics
-new boots
-new menu
-and more

Xarisocfp7 (Pes-Hellas general editor)
Pantel g7 (for some faces and 3 greek stadiums and Camp Nou)

The full list of credits is at readme.txt


  1. All the teams missing from Africa cup of nations+some european teams(like Cyprus,latvia,montenegro,finland,etc),Canada from North America teams,and 4 asian(Malaysia,Indonesia,Pakistan,Bangladesh)

  2. PS. I found bug with FIFA graphics on greek keyboard language. The letters on greek are symbols. I fix it with remove fifa.cpk from dpfilelist but i don.t have graphics of course ;) Check it on next fix

  3. PS2. Fix replay logo because has black background

    All other patch is very very good keep it ;)

  4. replay logo was designed to have black background you can use replay logo remover or you can use another replay logo. If you unpack fifa17.cpk and you remove font folder and then repack it again without this folder you can keep graphics without Fonts

  5. Maybe not, there are already a lot of new national teams. Which teams from AFC cup missing??

  6. IMPORTANT:See readme file first because one file is optional only for those who use greek language

  7. How I can delete pte patch and install this patch? I’m not profi with that and i must ask

  8. the best patch for PES 2017 !!! Congratulations to doctors for TEC !!! enjoy playing pes, thanks a lot

  9. it uses faces from internet facepacks i don’t if someone stole your faces and upload them on internet.

  10. it uses faces from internet facepacks i don’t know if someone stole your faces and upload them on internet.

  11. uhhh i understood go to your pes 2017 folder and find download folder delete all files inside of them and then go to save folder. The save folder is inside to “my documents” folder. Then view readme file and there instructions what to do exactly. At the top of readme file.

  12. i didn’t understand it very well. You need ver 1.00+fix2 then install ver 2.00+small fix

  13. @robocop 7 sila facepack have all of them+greek faces+…. see alone(not all versions are working)

  14. Dude, I already download this patch.
    Where is datapack 1 and 2 ?
    Do we need that or not ?

  15. Hi, I just discovered this, but is there somewhere an installation guide? I’m having serious trouble.


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