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PES GREEN 1.0.4e by demonkp


Demonkp released another version of PES Green, a beta version, english. Extracting the archive I saw a troian detected by my avira antivirus. Kaspersky detects it as troian too, but is not a troian. Is a false allarme.

– English-Language
– More intuitive and simple
– Now 100% compatible with Windows Vista
– Fixed problem login error
– Hamachi inside the program

1. You must have installed the patch on PES Konami of 1.20 with downloads made from within the game (it is compatible with the patch)
2. Install Hamachi (cz, de, en, fr, it, pl, ru languages)
3. Extract PesGreen wherever you want
4. Download and install this certificate in the following way:
Right-on file, Install
– Next. Check “Place all certificates in the following store” and select Browse
– Select Trusted Root Certification Authority (XP) or Trusted root certification authorities (Vista) and always move forward by selecting YES and OK


1. Start PesGreen
2. At first asks you to update hamachi, you answer no, because you only change the language English.
3. Start:

About Host must enter only your IP HAMACHI in My hamachi ip – Click on “BE HOST”

Start PES2009: Go to Network and enter ID (username) and password of your choice. After that create the room in friendly match and wait for your partner to enter …

NB: The host must first enter the client to create the room.


Who is the client must enter their IP HAMACHI in My hamachi ip –
Enter the IP of HAMACHI SERVER (opponent) in HIS hamachi-ip
Click on “BE CLIENT”

Start PES2009: Go to Network and enter ID (username) and password of your choice. After that enter in the created room and play

When you finish playing … Just close the program and the windows will close themselves.


– Who should start pesgs1.0.4 in Vista must be as Administrator
– This version solves the problems of Client for Vista, but it is still in a beta stage. Report!
– Open the following ports on the router by following THIS GUIDE PORTFOWARD:

TCP: 20010,20020,20030,20085
UDP: 5739

Or you can enable DMZ in your LAN IP (I do not know how)

Well if you follow the guide you should have no problems

Guide by Damelli, translated to English by Patcha.

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