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PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4 (Extended Edition)


PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4 (Extended Edition)

PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4

PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4 Features :

Compatibility: Data Pack (DLC) 4.00 and Patch 1.03
Added Extended Edition V.1.4
Music Added Stadium login + Goal After three elders.
Mode Selector Mode Added several new
Cash cheer for Liverpool Passed (Renewed)
Many transfer error correction
Almost all the players’ strength and accessory corrected
Many player’s name corrected
Brought into line with the DLC 4:00
Team and league logos were hand
Turk Telekom Arena was renovated by hand (billboards, grass, graphics)
Some of the recently added to 100 face (meireles,mesut özil,robinho,reto ziegler,sow,yobo,oğuzhan özyakup,messi,ronaldo,drogba,caceres,giovinco,marchisio,pirlo,fabregas,ersangülüm,emrebelözoğlu,amrabat)
Billboards were disposed of
192 brand-new banners added (bjk, gs, fb) included
New Match added Background
Added new HD Crampon Package (All Cleats The most current version Added)
Added 1 new menu music (harlem shake)
Gameplay raised to tools 3.22
Full 88 units added to the package top
All the faces of the judges has been renewed (female referee added)
Added new graphics (icons position, etc.)
Press any key menu (Renewed)

Patch Video Galatasaray – Real Madrid : Click Here.

Installation :

– CAUTION! In this update BEFORE INSTALLING THIS BEFORE you install the package you UNINSTALL versions of PES Forever Patch 2013
Otherwise you may encounter errors Career Wipe + FL

– Then perform a clean PC Game Pes 2013 Konami At the My Documents folder, erase or backup for establishing Mize Then

– Unpack Files After Removing Files / KONAMI entering into the My Documents Folder After taking your own My Documents Computer

– Files within the game is installed on the ground like Dosyalar/Program files (C:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2013) Ending after Yes to All

– Entering Folder by clicking Manager.exe FPServer13 FP2013.exe by selecting Run as Administrator Windows 7 users do attach and attach it do.

PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4 (Extended Edition) Ready ..

Bugs & Frequently Asked Questions :

1 -) Uefa Europa League Scoring the game?
Solution: If you are likely to UEFA Europa League game blows your game version “SKIDROW” stop this problem also has an error
PES Patch Forever is not derived from the version of your game, the perfect way to play patch related to “RELOAD” version

2 -) ML & BL been disrupted If you install the new update?
Answer: Yes deteriorates. Having regard to deteriorate, update the patch.

3 -) SporToto Super League Not?
Answer: Most likely to be taken to the documents for the Spor Toto Super League WE League throwing the data appears as the installation and try again.

4 -) PES Forever Patch 2013 harmony with Online Mode?
Answer: Yes, compatible with Mode Online PES Forever Patch 2013

5 -) Mode Selector What is it?
Answer: Our request for a mode to active and passive can easily be added to a useful 2.times programs .Aynı modes (eg, active Scorboards League ESPN HD TV
Scorboards’ı not active), because they both contain the same unnamed modes

Other mistakes and to get answers to your questions-Guide Folder Guide “Help Section – Requests questions!” click.

General Specifications

Brought into line with Kitserver v13.3.0.0.
Fully licensed PTT 1.Lig
SporToto Super League and the PTT 1.Lig has been completely renewed 1.Lig shirts
Changed Game Plan Background Image
All Leagues 2012/2013 was held in transfer window. (Premier League, League 1, Eredevise, La Liga, Liga Zon Sagres, Champions League, PTT 1.Lig, Brazilian League, Other Europe Team)
Press any key Menu Changed
7 Pieces Skrillex Dubstep Music Added Menu
All Licensed Leagues and Cups
Premier League 20 Team Fully Licensed (Jerseys Included)
Some form Name Errors Fixed
GS, FB, BJK Score Names and Team Lineup Fixed Signs.
Spor Toto Super League League and League 1 Licensed PTT 1.Lig Added a figure (All Shirts Licensed)
All National Teams Jerseys Licensed (Brazil, Argentina Vs.)
SporToto Super League team’s current rosters done many.
Error Corrected several translation to Turkish.
Turk Telekom, Sukru Saracoglu, Inonu, Ataturk Olympic Stadiums Added to the game
Many players were repaired Forces.
GS, FB, BJK And Accessories And Many known Teams Players The joys Realistic Goals were made
Added new icons on your page GAMEPAD
Added 29 Mode Current Mode Selector
Menu Background 2 New Video Added
Soon to 300 pieces Face Added 8 piece 3 Grownups (Muslera, Dany, Stoch, Meireles, Almeida, Emre Colak, Fernandes, etc.)
8 Pieces added a new face (Benzema, Pique, Sneijder, Stoch, Webo, Beckham, Ramos, Anelka)
81 pcs Brand new Spikes Pack Added
Many Graphics Plugin Added
Realistic Grass Added
Fixed a bug where some players vocalists.
Depending FIFA referee was added to jerseys Badge Holder
New Power Guard Added
New Position Icons Added
Many Transfer Errors Fixed Passed (Hulk, Maicon Vs)
Trabzonspor ball and revised the beginning Complete a Multi-Player
Names revision spikes and form a Multi-Player Accessories
Fixed a bug where a player forces a very
Her hair was fair and tried to resemble a Multi-Player Face
I narrowed Surround Sound Settings (Real Audio to atmosphere)
New Adidas Green Blue Goalkeeper Jersey Added
New League Logos Added
Fixed the problem that the game Disposal UEFA Europa League and Football Life
3 of Big Team Captains Adjusted
Adjusted by Galatasaray and Fenerbahce players in the final hair (Riera, Caner etc).
Game Plans Player Powers of well-known European teams, spikes were made realistic
Many a player has been refactored Aksesurarları (Felipe Melo etc).
Van Persie, Hulk Vs Players Shirt Numbers Cash Passed
Many bugs have been fixed transfer the sample (Alex De Souza, etc.)
All Teams Squad Formation, Jersey Numbers Adjusted Settings Using Fixed Top
Made compatible with DLC 4.00 and Patch 1.0.3
Graphic Work Done (maternity, Menu)
Fixed some translation to Turkish Passed
TT ARENA, İnönü, pictures Sukru Saracoglu Stadium Selection menu is changed.
New Game Plan Chart Added
Passed disposal of Ataturk Olympic Stadium
Some players accessories and Goals joys Renewed
SporToto Super League All Teams Cash Passed
Added new menu icons
Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu renewed
Was added to the team’s selection background
Added gameplay tools (latest version)
Baroni, ronaldo, Neymar, Eboue added a new face
Milan Baros was released
Lig TV V.2 added 4-3
New text added to font
Rain effect added
Atv added HD skorboards
Rumours Results, Agriculture, Turkey Cup, PTT 1.Lig logos were hand
Skrillex DUBSTEP music changed the menu of 7
All billboards were hand
Fenerbahce Galatasaray Besiktaş cheer was completely overhauled
FP2013 added skorboards
Renewed euroupe League UEFA Champions League and intros.
Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium, Added (Edit)
Many player’s Special Abilities Adjusted Example (Emmanuel Eboue) Long Throw.
New Camera Angle Added
Patch Team & Acknowledgments

Ufkrkmz (Patch Makers)
Mustafa Alatepe (Scorboards)
DRDYK,Onur Özkardeş,Tottimas,PESEDİT (Uniform)
Bilal DUMAN,PESEDİT,JORGZE,BesartKOSOVA,vietanhltk,Rob_kenshin,Fede,insomniac25,by Jack (Faces)
NANI17, Juce,barcafan,[email protected], Fabim,Jenkey 1002, Jonesoft (Tool)
PES JP Patch, skills_rooney (Ball)
Ron69 (Crampon)
coop_14 (Licensed)
Bulut Öztürk, fifacz.com, turkcespiker.com, pes-patch.com, peskolik.net, transfermarkt.com (Support)
nhocnhunuoc, Secun1972, Gladio, WeTurka (Other)
fulloyunturkiye.com (Sponsor)
Skrillex (Menu Songs)

PES Forever Patch 2013 V.1.4 (Extended Edition)

by www.fulloyunturkiye.com

Patch Pictures : here.



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