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PES Export File Crypter 1.1 by zlac


PES Export File Crypter Version 1.1 by zlac

Download PEFC 1.1

Since there are so many versions of main executables and data packs around and since both .ted & .ced files contain the version of the executable and of the data pack (game version that was actual when .ted/.ced files were created), there could be some problems when trying to import outdated .teds/.ceds onto a fully updated game (possible complaints about incorrect versions and such).

So there it is – another tab added, with sole purpose of changing executable/dp version stamps inside PES 2018 .ted/.ced files.

Disclaimer: I’ve tried to import couple of old .ted files on PC, without changing any versions, and the game did not complain about version mismatches. Should you be unluckier, this additional tab may help.

Important remarks regarding version changing:
1. Files must be decrypted first. No checks are made whether you really dragged DECRYPTED files or not – decrypt them first using Decrypt/Encrypt tab. Changing versions of encrypted files will corrupt them.
2. Decrypted files will be overwritten – no backup copies are made automatically. Make backups manually, if necessary. When done, encrypt them back using Decrypt/Encrypt tab.
3. “type your own version” text boxes ARE OPTIONAL – do not change their contents if the required versions can be found in drop-down lists. They are supposed to be changed only if in the future there will be even more updates from Konami – then you should enter new values manually.

Download Link (v1.1): https://goo.gl/5uhDM2

This drag&drop tool is intended to:
Decrypt the .bin files created with 2017 in-game editor on PS4 and .ted/.ced files created with 2018 in-game editor on either PS4 or PC
decrypted files will be created in the same folder as the originals, with decrypted_ prefix in their names
Encrypt previously decrypted .bin files (2017) and previously decrypted .ted/.ced files (2018)
encrypted files will be created in the same folder as the originals, with encrypted_ prefix in their names
Important: you need to choose the version of the game manually before drag&dropping the files onto the appropriate buttons.

OLDER – Link (v1.0) https://goo.gl/nec3jb

Thanks and credits:
@-Panos- – for revealing the secrets behind 2018 crypto scheme used in export files
@SiuMing – for revealing the secrets behind 2017 crypto scheme used in export files


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