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Pes Creation 1.0 Patch (by pescreation.webs.com)


Pes Creation 1.0 Patch

New features:
Updated summer transfers.
All kits and logos licensed.
2 New Leagues added: Bundesliga and Liga Adelante
New boots.
New balls(Ball pack for pes 2011 by bonny).
More then 20 new player faces.
1 New Stadium – Stamford Bridge

Copy the “kitserver” folder to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 or D:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.After that copy “EDIT”.bin in the patch and paste it to Documents > KONAMI > Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 > save.

New boots:
Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Cherry V3 by Muller Bento

New balls (Ball pack for pes 2011 by bonny)


  1. i think not.. just visited (pescreation.webs.com) and this patch was release on 11 oct. on their own site.

  2. is anything better than pes edit? i like pes edit the best but i’m willing to try other things if there are any good arguments to switch.

  3. good patch but can you do the music of toni at forum.pescorner.net in this patch. and the names of the bundesliga players and the faces are wrong

  4. i have a prob..when i copy the kitserver to pes folder and go for attaching the pache makes me an error.can anyone help me with that??also the pes exe. is not read only.

  5. @akis : use admin mode for the kitserver manager ( right click and run as admin. )

    Sorry my english

  6. followed the steps exactly.

    Kitserver does not attach, get an error message saying check .exe is not read only?

    League names are changed but kits are still unofficial.

  7. to heldo..

    right click on your pes2010.exe (in your pes folder) and UNTICK the READ ONLY…

    then sure u can attcah it//

  8. i have a problem..the transfers and the teams names are changed but..the kits not :-S..what can i do
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english :)!

  9. Hello, you and I installed the patch and change the logos of the league but I do not change the kits of equipment, remain the official.

  10. i cant instal the kitserver..
    there was an error in attaching the kitserver.what should i do?

    hope,it will be replied fastly..:)

  11. when i first time played my game crashed. now when i start a game it crash and says pro evolution soccer has stopped working
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help

  12. before this patch i installed another patch then when i installed this one it mixes but some parts are missing from the previous patch. help please? how do i do it correctly and keep both?


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