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PES AZTK Patch V2 – Liga Bancomer MX Add-on For PTE 2.1


PES AZTK Patch V.2 Liga Bancomer MX Full | Addon PTE 2.1

Download PES AZTK Patch V2

Content: The 18 licensed teams of the Liga Bancomer Mx (kits, fonts, numbers, squads, and more) @ Carlos Santos kikirocha marckldu erzo77 Angel_PES.

Team creator of the patch​:
Carlos Santos Ivankr Pulquero kikirocha xDark Mauri15x Angel_PES metalex ​

We are a small group of Mexican publishers, who for some time we have been learning to edit several things in order to get a “Bancomer MX League Patch”. The material used in this mini patch is mostly ours thanks to the forum tools.

We decided to make an Add-on because for reasons of time we can not make a complete patch, nor do we want to compete with patch giants such as PTE, SMOKE and GALAXY, among others, the Add-on we decided to do in PTE Patch because it was the first patch to leave in this PES2019, later we will try to remove the Add-on for other patches.

We hope not to offend, or harm anyone with our work, we do it in the same way as you, to bring entertainment and hours of fun to Mexican users and lovers of the Mexican league.

If this post needs to be corrected, we ask the moderators to edit it. If someone likes to use our material, please inform us and we will share them.

Important: The Bancomer Mx League replaces the Aguila League and the Aguila League moves to the PLA League.

Addon as CPK or For  EvoSwitcher + Update:


Compatible with Predator002 Chants V3 and Evo-Switcher 2.3

Special thanks
Hawke -cRoNoS- For the great help with the ball
Team_PTE_Patch, predator002, ginda01 and MJTS-140914, Zlac, nesa24, Txak, Hawke, lagun-2, Evo-Web community, Cronos and PesLogos (for their works and tools).


  1. Do I have to use the DPFileListGenerator for the CPKs and then add the modules and stuff to EvoSwitcher?

  2. Hi, I used patch galaxy so I think it’s best not to use it. if they do without add on I would like to test it. Congratulations on the beautiful work.

  3. well I did everything but it’s not working, only kits and players but no scoreboard and anthem


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