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PES 6 Shollym Multi Patch 2011-12 by Shollym


SHOLLYM MULTI-PATCH 2011/2012 3 patches in 1

– Option file with all transfers, all correct squad numbers and fully updated first lineups,
player age correct
– There are 2 versions of Option file, Normal and Option file with changed gameplay (the game physics are closer to real football game) + a bonus Option file with Futsal teams.
– Classic National teams replaced with combinated B teams;
– Teams in the patch are the best teams from all around the world
– 100% accurate squad numbers
– Deeply covered squads, all young players are created
– National teams roosters updated with team lists for upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 qualification games
– Updated formations of all club and national teams
– Updated all national teams squads
– All teams with 2010/2011 kits
– As always many player stats are updated to keep the best gameplay
– Updated formations of all teams
– Stadiums with improved graphics and HD turf
– Updated adboards on stadiums
– Real life Referees patch
– New looks for menus and cup, league and ML backgrounds
– Logos of leagues updated
– Real trophies patch included
– HD Flags for all teams in the game
– Fully updated Ballserver and Bootserver
– Fully updated Face & hair Server
More than 500 Balls in ball server. All of them assigned to correct home teams
3000 Boots, many of them personalized boots & ALL assigned to correct players by LeeST
Over 4000 faces
– High quality CHANTS for all club teams in game, added many missing chants for national teams, combined chants from all chantmakers to make the best and most complete chantpack ever.
– Completely new music background ih the whole game
– Realistic ball sound, referee whistle, sound of ball hittin the post and crossbar
– Nationality flags replace 3 letters in Master league mode
– Version with emblems instead of 3 letters is also available
– Better looks for crowd – updated crowd textures by Astracel
– New colour style for PES6

Improved player’s off the ball characteristics (attack, defence, teamwork), balanced quality of the teams – reduced the big difference in quality between ‘big’ and ‘small’ teams, also balanced physicall stats of ‘star’ and ‘normal’ players  (body balance, stamina, speed, response, mentality) and as a result of that eliminated so called “robot effect” (situation where phisically much stronger players literally go through weaker players); goalkeepers stats aro also much improved so now their reactions resemble more to reality, alsco “BALANCE” improved for all goalies so now they don’t rebound stronger shots – as a result of that rebound goals that irritate every serious PES player are almost eliminated.

Improved Master league and other Cup/League competitions:
This is mostly as a result of balanced teams qualities so now every COM opponent is harder to beat, and scores of other COM teams in the league are now various so you can’t have a situation as we had before when for example after 10 rounds Man. Utd and Chelsea have 9 or 10 league wins, this contributes to a very interesting competition that is closer to reality where big and expensive teams can often loose or play draw against weaker oppponents.

Improved AI, especially player movements in defence because of improved teamwork stats players (especially side backs) come back more often and fill the empty gaps on the sides or cover opponents – as a result of this it is very difficult to score asy goals from 5 yard box or one of those goals when you give a return ball to your player standing 20 m from the goal and then he fires aalmost a ceratin goal, these are well known PES 6 goals and believe me with this patch they are very hard to score because of improved goalkeepers and reduced weaker foot accuracy. This is the reason why many people noticed that the game is changed after they played this patch for the first time, especially if you use Shollym gamelay option file which is even more harder and closer to real football experience.

Visual improvments:
New stadiums with improved graphics and HD turf, real referees, real trophees, TV scoreboards, new looks for menus and team emblems, high quality kits, faces..

Atmosphere during matches:
Many consider this to be the best element of Shollym Patch, all teams have their original chants and stadiums so in the beggining of eevry match there is a feeling as if you were on the stadium! Also ball sounds and referee whistle are changed so everything is closer to reality.

Other improvements:
Constant adding of new players and transfers, actualized player stats, new music background in the game…


Total Club version – Winter update March 2012 NEW

Download links (mirrorcreator), installation manual and other very useful information about the patch are in a text file called
“All Download links” :

Winter transfers update:
1. New Kitserver (without stadiums)
2. New Patch switcher
Installation is easy as usual, copy stadiums into new kitserver and delete/replace the old kitserver, then use switcher normally.

Installation tutorial:


Patch team:

FdL 1899

UNI by giacomo and Shollym
thanks to all kitmakers who stil create kits for PES6:
arip, El Chimbinha, Daoo, jorm, Shardo, gerardo6191, VillaPilla, ayoking, Lejzi, Goran, gabriel_timao, Szenowski, Zlatan85, boro, sebinho, nabo78, plk, sahsouh, Mikue, ElToY, *aLe, Claxdinho, Valbuena13, t1ma, JuanZinho, Lucas, Argy, chmiel13, Ema, Odiney, Sambozic, Agus, Marianoarrana, Era, dj90 …

stadiums – thanks to all the creators who create beautiful stadiums and to and to editors who put great HD pitch:

Maxamor, Maxey, Alegor, Johnny007, Stonecold, matupale, gabriel32, Pipa23, leanh1991, Lizarazu77, gabriel32, zico, Betamax, Alehtrumpet, TheCuervo, FranciscoPES, Perco 1907, AnsokBeatz, rojo_pes, DK!, Atreida06, The_Pelado, Anti, reygermano, lorenzo11,

all stadium previews by TomiPL and Albiceleste
updated adboards by jihado86 and dracger

chants by
gigimarulla, nikolapfc89, Homerox, Tommsen, Josdj, Shollym, Sudao, Jose M, harrieanak, Marcos_SJ, santog, Jechu, ignavl, Mikue, pedrito_perez

0_text and e_text:
– club teams and national teams flags by customizer
– some graphics by DJ2Mello and arip
– banners by LeeST, baba_a, Marinho, Cuervo, Edwin
– better looks of crowd – updated crowd textures by Astracel
– true currency in Master League (euro) by Alex 1912
– new referees kits by ahdstret8
– scoreboards by FdL1899, allezlinter, trkyhaker and Loki
– real trophies patch by Txuki2005, MHF, betamax
– real referee faces and names by Teco, Bocatatun_14, Albiceleste

balls and boots collected and assigned by LeeST
balls created by Skills_Rooney, Hayate, luxusor, Arctic_monkey
boots created by nabo, snake_li, schweinstieger31, moramed, nguyenanhtuan_mu, VARK, reddaum, Alexbeckhs, sauce, chacal

thanks to juce & robbie, Majin, Rechi, dj90, Stevan, ackomd, senna, aglioeolio, suipa, Pipa23, Johny s jednim n, achromy, Perfectio & Besarti, kristian826, dzeki, joker5, Edinho, skills_rooney

Also thanks to creators of other patches from which I used some of the material: ISS 10/11, PES6009, RFPL, PES7, Gol de Placa 3.0, Apertura 2010 PesPasionArg, AFA-Pes, Pes para todos, Greek Superleague patch, Parche LFP El Dardo, UPL 2011

The rest of you thank you for your support, it means a lot, I hope you will enjoy playing the patch!


  1. guys the club varsion has a problem i think…like in the Ligue 1 section i have the emblem of Olympique Lyonnais and the name of this team is Angola. The same with O. Marseille that has the name Camerron. Why is that happening? (P.S. I have a picture but I can’t import it :/ )

  2. I knew it, only a Serb would be crazy and stubborn enough to make something like this :D!
    I’m downloading it right now!

  3. We noticed that error with entrance scene, it will be fixed for the october update of the patch and until then you’ll have to skip entrance scenes.

    No, you can’t change referee kits during the game.

    And last thing, you can only use default scoreboard in ML because there is still no option to change scoreboards in ML.

    Best regards.

  4. Hi Sizzerb,
    Do youu mean default scoreboard as a scoreboard that came with the game(the original scoreboard) or as a scoreboard that is set to default by your patch?

    October huh….can’t wait…this is the best patch ever!! and thank you so much

  5. Hi,

    I mean a scoreboard wich comes as a default with the patch.

    Yep, october will see an update with some errors fixed, few new faces, kits and most important with all summer transfers.

  6. Thank you very much! Esli vi panimaete ruskii maladci bratani serbski narod nashie samie blizkie druzya!!

  7. ho scaricato tutte le 22 parti ma non riesco a scompattarla perchè ci sono degli errori ..Possibile? alla ottava si interrompe e mi dice errore.
    Come mai …mi aiutate per favore?

  8. Ok sizzerb, that prob with the Aameroon and Angola is solved. But one thing extra. Sometimes the game crashes when I, or the CPU has kick off after a goal or at the beggining of extra time. [P.S. I have windows 7, 64 bit, if that matters. I have read that windows 7 sometimes may be problematic but if u have any solution I would like to hear it :)]

  9. J’ai téléchargé toutes les 22 parties, mais je ne peux pas le décompresser, car il ya des erreurs . Possible? le 4 eme s’arrête et dit erreur.
    Comment avez-vous m’aider s’il vous plaît

  10. @MICHELE Avrete bisogno di scaricare di nuovo la parte in cui dice di errore.

    @ipp8925 It’s an common issue which will be solved in october update. For now, the only fix is to use different commentator, I mean instead of using the english one use italian, spanish or some toher.

    @ali Vous aurez besoin de télécharger à nouveau la partie dans laquelle, dit erreur.

  11. It really but really does not work I have done exactly like the guide just a waste of my time to try it

  12. about the commentator/crash problem. I can only choose the english commentator…any idea why?

    hopefully you’ll get it fixed for the next update…the english commentators create a good atmosphere

  13. Yep, it will be fixed.

    As far as choosing the commentator goes, it has to do with which language you choosed when you installed PES 6. If you choosed only English but not the others then you will to reinstall the PES and choose one more language beside English.

  14. yep but please can u explain to me do i quit the game then return or what to change from version to another

  15. that’s really a great job
    but i have a problem:
    the automatically exit of the game
    have you any sollution

  16. Also noticed and maybe you’re aware of it, but on master league in the champions league games the attack/defence doesn’t work correctly and when you wanna see the champions league table you can’t see the scoreline of the head to head games. Minor problems but I just wanted to let you know.

    One request though. Is it possible that all the extra stuff that you add on the gaming screen e.g. new scoreboard, can they all be attached to the name plates or something. I personally when I play I try to keep the screen as clear as possible, so I only have the time, radar and stamina gauge on the screen.
    So what I’m saying is that, if you attach the scoreboard to the game time(or stamina gauge or radar), for me to see the time I also have to watch the huge logo or something (la liga, epl, serie a, espn etc.).


  17. It’s realy a great job,but i have the same problem as ”SKANDER FRAJ”,The game automatically exit just before the entrance of players!

    PS : I skiped the entrance scene!

    PLEASE A SOLLUTION!!I really want to play it

    SHOLLYM You’re a king!!

  18. @odys_ael if you’re greek i’m greek too!! :P anyway you might haven’t do something in your “dat folder” check out what else can u do otherwise wait for sizzerb to tell u exactly what u should do :)

  19. @odys_ael you didn’t copied the opmov file into your dat directory ;)

    All of other, just follow the installation video and you can’t make a mistake.

  20. Hello.
    Do you maybe need some assistance?
    I really like PES 6 and hate all these new releases (new revolutionary game engine the most).
    I think that the best site for creating and updating the squads is transfermarkt.de (it has german and english language).
    Thank you.

  21. Another bug noticed.
    I was playing with Barcelona against Racing santander on master league and the goals were transparent. You could see the net but the bars were transparent

  22. in shollym patch classic there is an error: czechoslovakia 34-38 isn’t but is chile ’98. please respond me

  23. Imam problem sa kitserverom,ne mogu da ga instaliram?
    Stoji mi sledece : ERROR (No modifications made) Verify that the executable is not READ-ONLY,and try again! molim vas da mi sto skorije objasnite u cemu je problem…

  24. I love this, I even uninstalled PES 2012 but, is the kick-off crash going to be fixed? This is very annoying…

  25. This patch is the best of world. The only thing I don’t like is the player’s nationality (because in the master league is very difficult to find some players). I recommend.

  26. Hey the patch is amazing, i have a slight issue tho in that when i get about halfway through a master league season (first season so in division 2) the crowd dissapears from the stadium, and i cannot make any substitutions?! Do I need to reinstall anything again? It’s really annoying because now there is no atmosphere in the matches and if a player gets injured you cannot sub him!


  27. Simply amazing. The amount of detail is insane. I stopped playing this game for several years but prefer it compared to the latest fifa and pes versions. …This patch makes it feel like I’m playing a brand new game again. Kudos.

  28. Best patch out there–but like others–I have same problem that it crashes at kickoff. I’ve made sure to have firewall allow pes6.exe. But problem remains.


  29. Brate, zasto me izbacuje iz igrice kada dam gol? i ne mogu da igram produzetke na master ligi???

  30. Cmt télécharger ces patch svp. Je les cherche depuis longtemp car megalouap a fermé. J’en ai vraiment besoin.

  31. Mates, a bunch of friends of mine, and myself, we are going to do a pes6 online tournment, and we gonna use this patch because it’s the best patch we found, and the best that I ever played on pes6 :O

    Congratulations, it’s really amazing.

    All credits garanteed. ;)

  32. i don’t have the folder “new patch files” in shollym multi patch switcher. Please help me

  33. i already install the patch and it shows the main menu in the game and i can make my formation but when i want to start the PES6 close and show me an error and i can’t see the stadiums :( help me pleeez thanks :)

  34. wen wil 2012 – 13 patch release? if date is uncertain can u plz tell how much percent the patch is complete???? plz plz plz plz plz reply !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Please, can anyone tell me what is the latest tranasfers option file for this patch and do anyone have it. Like summer 2012 transfers or something. I know new patch is comming out in mid october but it would be really nice if i can find update for this one. Anyone


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