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PES 5 Kitserver v5.5.5 by Juce


PES 5 Kitserver version 5.5.5 by Juce (updated 19 Dec. 2017)

Made some fixes for Kitserver 5. Thanks to guys at PesWe.com forum, who pressed me to fix some issues with bootserver and helped test those and other changes, we now have a new version of Kitserver:

What’s new:
– fixes for bootserver (some reported problems were: boots disappearing after half-time, wrong boots for some players, etc.)
– fixed crashes caused by ballserver, after ball was switched. Those were due to incorrect memory management.
– fixed crashes caused by kserv module doing erroneous 2D-kit texture releases.
– fixed conflicts between some of the DLL modules and afs2fs.dll. This now makes it possible to have HD crowd working properly.
– fixed incorrect display of 2D narrow-back goalkeeper kits (kserv)
– internal resolution modifier, based on the work by @kingsley813 . Huge thanks to him!
– reserved memory modifier – like in Kitserver 6. HD stadiums now work.
– persistent state for stadium server: using stadium.dat file – ala Kitserver 6
– fixed a problem in “View Stadiums” – where GDB stadiums would not load, if “Home stadium” mode was active.
– fix for stadium server in 5.5.5: if the mode was “Home stadium”, but no GDB stadium was assigned to the current home team, then if you pressed “8” – to select a random GDB stadium, the game would crash. This is fixed now.

Kitserver 5.5.5: https://kitserver.mapote.com/archive/kitserver-555.zip

All documentation now also has new home here: https://kitserver.mapote.com/


  1. Who’s still playing this old and nowadays bad game? PES 18 is just awesome, we need a kitserver for PES 18, not PES 5 lol

  2. Please, how can I get pes 5 2019 English updates. Or at least show me the apps used in modding we9 PR pes 5 option file.


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