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PES 21 1995/96 Non League Season Mod by PESNON


PES 21 1995/96 Non League Season Mod (PS4 and PC) by PESNON

This year, we’ve created a unique retro patch for PES 21, which focuses on the English 1995/96 season.. specifically the GM Vauxhall Conference and Southern Premier Division.

It is for PS4 and PC (PC mods version is in dev)

The mod is fully completed, with around about 30 clubs, using researched squads and kits from personal memory, programmes and internet.

Leagues replaced in this mod are the PLA and PAS, and a selection of sides in OLA.

Teams include: Aston Villa, Colchester United, Witton Albion, Yeovil Town and Cinderford Town, plus the full quota of GM Vauxhall Conference and Beazer Homes League Southern Premier League.

ALL other clubs are UNMODDED.

* Known errors: Hastings Town badge not uploaded in mod. I do have it.

Some generic GK kits need manual selection in teams, as they seem to be defaults in-game, but this is occuring only on PS4 to PC mod transfer, for what I can see.


PS4 MOD VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/PESNON_

PES 21 1996 Non League Season Mod

====== MODDERS WANTED ======

(English League Pyramid Mod)

My aim going forward for this mod (as my final project mod)

• Add the full 95/96 Premier League
• Add the full 95/96 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions and their related cups.

• Arrange all clubs in the European zone in a suitable order

• Possible International Team Euro ’96 bolt-on (to fit with another user mod)


For now, we have an analog stadium (with updated adboards) for every team, and a classic scoreboard with Sky Live replay wipes. I am working on a matchball, but need minor help to extract and repack it.

I use scoreboards are for teams who use specific walkout music/league music, and the FA Cup/Trophy Final.

As we expand into the Premier League, and Football League, I will look to add all licensed stadiums for all teams (as many as possible)


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