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PES 2021 Add On Full Pause Menu by afandix


The PES 2021 Add On Full Pause Menu by afandix Features:
– New look fresher
– Screen covered when pause menu / half (Transparent)
– Unlimited design for pause menu you can create.
– In this pack there are three pause menu designs for the NBCSN scoreboard by predator002. Which you can choose one of them.
– You can use this template as a pause menu that you will create.

PES 2021 Add On Full Pause Menu by afandix

Full Pause Menu [NBCSN Premier League] (or sharemods)

How to install?
1. Install the newest Version of Sider and [Sider module] Scoreboard Server (get familiar with it in case you never used it)
2. First download the main scoreboard on your Favourite Scoreboard Page (See Instruction/Readme there)
3. Update with my Pause Menu and Platename.

Main Scoreboard Link:
NBCSN Premier League Scoreboard – V2

How to install (LiveCPK via Sider):
– Ensure latest version of Sider is installed.
– Ensure latest version of Scoreboard-Server is installed.
– Extract contents into Scoreboard-Server directory.
– Update Scoreboard-Server’s map_competitions file with following if not already existing:
17, England\EPL\NBCSN

Source Code:
Download HEXx Inis PauseMenu PES 2020/2021

Thanks for predator002 for allowing edits the pause menu.

Big thanks to:
TheDeath11 – Indirectly inspired me to search value for the Hex Code.
spursfan18 – Legend Scoreboard Maker
juce and zlac – The Sider
shawminator – For the amazing CGPE
eskpist – Wonderful Hexx tool


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