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PES 2021 Victoria Stadium by Arthur Torres


The PES 2021 Victoria Stadium from Gibraltar, made by Arthur Torres, is the home ground for Gibraltar national football team and Lincoln Red Imps FC.

Stadium ID : st009.

PES 2021 Victoria Stadium

Without the help of our friend badgerbadger it would not be possible.
Note: Make sure you have the turf mod by Endo installed.
If you have not, errors may occur in the field.

How to install in Stadium Server: [Download]
– Install latest Sider version by Juce
– Install Stadium-Server by Zlac
– Extract this stadium using winrar and extract to \content\stadium-server\
– Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt:
teamid, stadiumid, stadiumname, stadiumame #teamname
– Save, run sider, then start game via Steam and enjoy!
* Change with Team ID in your patch by following this tutorial, if needed.

Support my work: if you like my work and think you can donate something, follow [this] link. Thank you all and good game.


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