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PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere Mod


The Ultimate Atmosphere 1.06 – Realistic Turf + Lighting Mod With Foggy Matchs by Urbanhack86 – Now You Can Enjoy Cloudy And Rainy Matchs With Realistic Fog At Day And Night!

Also Fine Matchs Feel a Lot More Realistic With The New Lights And Palette Colors.

Now You Can Enjoy Cloudy And Rainy Matchs With Realistic Fog At Day And Night!
Also Fine Matchs Feel a Lot More Realistic With The New Lights And Palette Colors.

PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere Mod PES 2021 Atmosphere Mod

I Have Recreated The Same Colors As The TV Trying To Make It Photorealistic as Possible, In Addition To The New Lights And Fog On Rainy Days You Can See Worn Turf In Some Stadiums.


Please Disable All Turf And Lighting Mods Before Install. Just Add “;” To Any Sider.ini Mod You’ve Already Installed! Ex.:
;cpk.root = “.\livecpk\AnyTurf_Or_AnyLights”
Only For Konami Stadiums

Compatible With All Patchs!
You Can Use It With All Patchs Or Other Mods.

1. Place Ultimate_ATM Folder Into …\eFootball PES 2021\livecpk
Add This Line To Your Sider.ini:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Ultimate_ATM”
2. If You Have Any Turf/Lights Mod In Your Sider.ini Disable It.
3. Enjoy.

Download Links:
Ultimate_ATM 1.06: Part1 Part2 Part3
Natural Color Grading: Here (Natural Days And Nights)
Mixed Color Grading: Here (Natural Days + Realistic Nights)
Realistic Color Grading: Here (Default)
Lite Version: Here (Not Done Yet)
Frostbite Pitch By Makidan14Here

If You Want Support My Work Click Here 🍻
All Donations Are Very Apreciated!

Addon: DerRobin1 made a version for stadiums with the it 009. One file for the LiveCpk and one file for StadiumServer. Try it out if you want  – Download.

Make sure to deactivate any other turf and fog in the AddOn folder of yor stadium!

Ultimate Reshade:

This is a Complement For Ultimate Atmosphere Mod.
Feel The True Next Gen Now!


1. Download Reshade Here
2. Open Reshade Installer And Find PES2021.exe
3. Select The Direct3D 10/11/12 Option
4. Uncheck All Effects And Click Next, Then Close.
5. Download My Reshade Files (See Download Links), Extract And Copy All Files To PES 21 Main Folder, Overwrite If asked.
6. Open The Game, Press HOME Key To Open The Reshade Menu Click “Skip Tutorial”
Click In The Drop-down Menu Just Below Home And Setting Options.
7. Select The “Reshade Preset.ini” And Apply
Press HOME Again To Close The Menu. U Dont Need Do It Anyomore.
8. Enjoy.

Download Ultimate Reshade: Here

Shaders Affect To The Whole Game!
If u Feel it is Too Shinny Try 53/35 Cont/Bright.

Can I Use It With Other Turf/Lights Mods?
-No, You Cant, This Mod Already Modify The Turf, Same For Lights Mods.

Is Frostbite Pitch Mandatory?
-No, But I Did This Mod With Frostbite Pitch Cuz It Looks A Lot Better.

I Dont Have Any Other Turf/Lights Mod Installed But My Game Dont Look Like Screenshots.
-Check You Have Game Brightness 50/50.

Whats The Diference Between Normal Version And Reshade Version?
-The Reshade Version Have Some Effects Wich Is Not Possible To Add From Other Way. But I Not Support It Anymore.

The Mod Isnt Working With Custom Stadiums In Stadium-Server.
-You Need Use The AddOn Mod And Install It Manualy.

It Work With PES2020?
-Maybe, I Didnt Test It.

If Someone Want Add It To Your Own Patch Feel Free To Use It, But Please, Respect My Work With Credits.

If You Want Support My Work Clic Here 🍻

Fog, Lights And Photorealistic Turf Made By Me.
I Take Some Pitch Files From Endo (3D Grass) and Moiduran2 (Worn Decals) Cuz Not Need Make New Work Where Good Work Already Exists.\


Ver. 1.00.
– First Release.
Ver. 1.01.
– Reshade Removed.
– Little Turf Color Correction.
Ver. 1.02.
– Corrected Lut Colors At Morning And Evening Matchs.
– Fixed Missing Luts For Fine, Cloudy And Rainy Nights.
– Removed Unused Luts.
– Added Faces Lights Correction.
– Added New Screenshots.
Ver. 1.03
-Frostbite Pitch Mod By Makidan14 Not Needed Anyomore.
-Added Frostbite Pitch To Source Folder.
-Added Missing Decals For Some Stadiums.
-Added Missing Stadiums Files.
-Removed Unused Stadiums IDs.
-Added Fog Files For Missing Stadiums.
-Corrected Lights For Stadium Palestra Italia.
-Fixed Pitch For Stadium Maracana.
-Minor Lights Fix For All Stadiums
-Added Files (St081, St082, St083, St084) To Do AddOns.
-Fixed Pre Match Face Lights.
-Grass Saturation Color Correction For Day Time.
-HDR LUT Files Fix.
-Asset Folder CleanUp.
-Other Minor Changes.
-Finally Removed Endo Files.
Ver. 1.04
-Updated All Pitch Files From All Stadiums.
-Turf RGB Texture Redone.
-Removed All Ugly Brown/Yellow ¿spots?.
-Minor Grass Color Correction.
-Fixed Grass Pattern In Some Stadiums.
-Corrected Grass Files For Stadium Palestra Italia.
-Added Files For Wembley Stadium.
-Other Improvments.
-Ready For 1.05 Update…
Ver. 1.05
-Fixed Game Issue Performance.
-Fixed RGB Texture Cuz Aprently It Gives FPS Drop For Someones.
-Added My Relistic 3D Grass.
-Fog Redone! New Fog For Each Stadium In Cloudy/Rainy Matchs.
-Full Lighting Improvment.
-Fixed Lighting Issues.
-A Lot Of New Textures And Missing Stadium Files (Forgot To Add It Before).
-Improved Gamma And Exposure To Day/Night Matchs.
-Corrected Grass Color For All Weathers.
-New Grass Patterns Added Randomly.
Ver. 1.06
Improved Rain Drops.
Enhanced Hexagonal Goal Nets.
Enhanced Shiny Land Marking Lines.
Fixed a Corrupt Filter File.
Removed ALL HDR Luts.
Full Lighting Redone.
Enhanced Color Grading.
Realistic Sunshine.
Realistic Sunlights.
Enhanced Lighting For All Stadiums.
Added Missing Rain Files For st084 Stadium.
Recreated Lights For Missing Stadiums.
Added 3 Diferent Color Grading Patterns.
Lite Version.



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