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PES 2021 SoundServer For PC by nesa24


PES 2021 SoundServer [PC] by nesa24 – compatible DP 5.0:
SoundServer is module to manage game sounds volume
so it allows you to boost game or nerf volume with overlay.

PES2021 Soundserver

Install procedure is same for all modules [ place in sider modules folder and add to sider ini ] and edit the SoundServer.ini as you wish, just like in 2020 game version.

DownLoad SoundServer

Here’s the complete version by leguminosa:

I looked once again into it, I noticed I also add “detail logging and silent logging” feature into it, so you will also need to update your .ini file.

The difference between old and new .ini file is, the new file contains one more parameter called “verbose”.

SoundServer v1.50

*PES2021 Datapack 1.0 Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 1.0 [UPDATE GAME VER 1.1] Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 2.0 Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 3.0 Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 4.0 Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 4.0 GameVER 1.4.1 Update Address is [here] Updated 19.02.21

*PES2021 Datapack 5.0 Update Address is [here]

*PES2021 Datapack 6.0 Update Address is [here]

Look at the code above and change it in the source code (251th & 278th) line.

If you like, you can donate to PayPal : [email protected]



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