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PES 2021 Real Scoreboards For PC by Furkan6141


The Real Scoreboards For PES21 by Furkan6141 pack includes:

– Ligue 1 Scoreboard by Overall
– La Liga Scoreboard by Ryudek
– Serie A Scoreboard by Ahmed Ramadan
– EL Scoreboard by Spursfan18

Real Scoreboards For PES 2021

* Scoreboards do not belong to me thanks for scoreboard to spursfan18, Overall, ahmed ramadan and ryudek.


How To Install Real Scoreboards by Furkan6141 In eFootball PES 2021:
1. Extract the archive and copy .cpk file to 2021\download\ folder
2. Open and select DP in DpFileList Generator
3. Add ‘Real Scoreboard For PES2021 by Furkan6141.cpk’ as last checked, generate new DpFileList and enjoy game.


  1. In PES 2020 sider was needed to change scoreboard automatically between different competitions. But in this scoreboard pack they are all in one folder with country tags at the end of the files. I tried adding other scoreboards from last year with these countries’ names but it didn’t work. Where can I learn those country codes?


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