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PES 2021 Olympisch Stadion Beerschot by Hobbit


The PES 2021 Olympic Stadium – Beerschot (Olympiastadion Antwerpen) K Beerschot VA , Jupiler League, Belgium – by Hobbit.
All credits for this one goes to badgerbadger, thanks again.

Olympiastadion Antwerpen PES 2021 PES 2021 Olympisch Stadion Beerschot

How to install Olympisch Stadion in Stadium Server: [Download]
– Install latest Sider version by Juce
– Install Stadium-Server by Zlac
– Extract this stadium using winrar and extract to \content\stadium-server\
– Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt:
5216, 009, Olympisch Stadion Beerschot, Olympisch Stadion Beerschot #Beerschot
– Save, run sider, then start game via Steam and enjoy!
* Change with Team ID in your patch by following this tutorial, if needed.


  1. saludos por favor crea los dos estadio faltante de la liga española el del Huesca y el granada


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