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PES 2021 MLS FullNameScoreboard


The PES 2021 MLS Scoreboard by milos987 ahs been released based on ryudek version. Major League Soccer is the professional soccer league which represents the sport’s highest level in the United States and Canada.

PES 2021 MLS Scoreboard

Download. Put these lines in your sider.ini file under CommonLib and above the scoreboard server:

lua.module = "FullNameScoreboardMLS.lua"

Scoreboards originally made by ryudek so all credits goes to him;
26 teams, missing only Austin FC, they will come in V2.0 update.​


  1. For ML? You need to change the IDs for the teams and the competitions. It was originally set for Dream Patch’s MLS and we had a different ID for that league at the time I was in their team.

    @Hayes I’ve tested with SmokePatch and change its team ids, use this lua file and replace it in your modules folder.

    Mirrors :

    Tested with League Mode, maybe working with other mode like BAL/ML (idk, i don’t play them). The scoreboard itself doesn’t work with Exhibition Mode though.


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