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PES 2021 Master League Team Selector Module by loransilva


The PES 2021 Master League Team Selector Module by loransilva changes the Master League graphics, according to your selection.

At first my idea was to make an “MLserver”, but I had difficulties because I didn’t have a lot of time with Lua programming and due to the game’s own limitations (Right when you start a master league the game recognizes your team in a temporary id 131059 being changed only with the first match of the season, this makes it not possible, at least from the beginning to use the team ID) with that, I made it based on the Baris Gameplay Loader module for pes 2020, that club selector. Basically you choose the team to play and with that he loads the graphics in the club folder in the Master-League-Selector root.

Included Teams:
Man City
Man Utd
RB Leipzig

Master League Team Selector PES 2021 Module

(Base on MLMyTeam v2.0b for Sider 6.1.1+ for pes 2020 do Hawke)


Download ML Team Selector Module.
1. Copy the folder, with the graphics or Press Room to the Master-League-Selector in the content folder,
2. Open masterclub_map.txt and enter the name of the folder (Recommended that the folder has the name of the club which will be used),
3. Start the game, after loading open the Sider overlay and select the club you want.

You also have the option to save the club you want in a config file so that whenever you start it, it is selected by pressing 8 (not numpad 8)


Unfortunately, whenever the game is open you have to select the master league club again or select the one already saved in config.ini
The fact that he does not automatically select based on the team id

Over time I intend to include more clubs, as more of them appear (I don’t know how to edit graphics) and update the module for those who know in the future it may in fact be a Server … But even so I leave it free for any user to edit (as long as they keep the credits) and improve it.

Baris, Hawke / Module and graphics, juce and nesa24 / Sider;
And to any other that I have forgotten or that has not found the credits (send a message that I add).


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