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PES 2021 Master League Crash Fix ( Tutorial )


Hexed edit file for football life modes.

Works with SP21 version 21.1.0. See The tutorial on [youtube] by GameTube.


* this fix will also hide 3 teams (Hatayspor, Beerschot, Leuven) from the game to have stable football life with the copy game.


  1. What about the CPY version? Does it work with other version that use Evoweb patch? I’m using the cpy version with evoweb latest patch but whenever i finish one season at the Master league the second season is empty. I play only champions league and national team matches. Sometime it even refuses to go through the second season. Can you fix it?

  2. Damn!!! I’m unlucky. I use evoweb patch on the cpy version. As long as i can play other competition without any matter i’ll wait.

  3. i have been playing master league for months now with smoke patch 21.2.0 and no crash, i have cpy and no crash with this fantastic patch

  4. Please I am facing some difficulties In my Master league PES2021,(PS3) each team I chose, be it from different league, I get the same players, will the real players missing from the team, but opponent teams are updated with real players except my team and I am been drop to the second division of each master league I open. Please any help on how to fix it?

  5. can you send the tutorial link again? it seems like the video is set to be private on YouTube. Thanks


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