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PES 2021 Liga Portugal bwin 2021/22 Scoreboard by santorfo


Latest version V3 added. This is my first ever scoreboard for PES2021, this season’s Liga Portugal scoreboard that I started making in August but because of time constraints could only finish today and also because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and worked hard to make sure that I could make it as realistic as possible.

I’ve included logos in the style shown for every Liga Portugal team except the newly promoted sides (Arouca, Estoril and Vizela)

I have also included a replay wipe that I have done myself from scratch using Adobe After Effects, which you can see in the preview spoiler below.

There are some obvious limitations that the game has posed in regards to replicating some of the textures in the real one but I think I’ve done a pretty good job in spite of them (they are easy to spot in the screenshots).

PES 2021 Liga Portugal bwin 2022 Scoreboard

Version 2 released with some quick fixes:
– The highlights texture now has a dark background on the team logo like we intended
– Included cut-out logos for every team except the newly promoted sides (Arouca, Vizela and Estoril)
– Changed the cutscene substitution background texture to something simpler

Anyone that wants to include this in repacks or patches feel free but if possible remember to credit me but if not I’m not going to be mad at anyone for that.

A MASSIVE thank you to spursfan18 for the incredible help and patience, could not have done any of this without him, super helpful and understanding.
Another huge thanks to my good friend Henras (Instagram link) for help with the logos, the textures, my sanity, etc.
And obviously the usuals,
juce and zlac for sider
shawminator for CGPE (even though it drives me crazy sometimes)
eskpist for the HexX tool
and to whoever did the CPK packing tool

Download Link v3 (Mediafire)

Version 3 (and probably final version) released with the following fixes:
– Added the remaining 3 logos for the newly promoted teams:
Arouca ID: 2380 – Estoril ID: 2383 – Vizela ID: 5115

– Fixed the second bug mentioned by sergiosoares in post #7 so now he can enjoy the scoreboard without any issues on his triple monitor setup

– Added 4 different new TV logos:
– RTP (no number because it’s RTP Internacional, the channel for Portuguese people living overseas, where they get 1 match per gameweek)
– GOLTV (TV rights holder in many American territories)
– BT Sport 3 (UK rights holder)
– Free Sports (Republic of Ireland and UK rights holder)
– Also added a no TV logo version

evo web tv logos pv

Scoreboard server map for quicker changes
# Portugal
22, Liga Portugal bwin\Sport TV
22, Liga Portugal bwin\Free Sports
22, Liga Portugal bwin\GOLTV
22, Liga Portugal bwin\BT Sport 3
22, Liga Portugal bwin\RTP
22, Liga Portugal bwin\No Logo


– Added a logo for the start 2nd half button on the menu



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