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PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay by tdth


The PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay v1.0 by tdth. I have created new gameplay to address many scripted issues in PES 2021 such as:

  • Control: heavy, not responsive button. Prevent KONAMI from constantly injecting its own control to interfere with your play.
  • Cursor change: totally messed up, can’t change to the player you want.
  • Through pass: too much power, and too far away from your intended recipient.

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay by tdth

Even though the gameplay is not 100% perfect, but it gives a much better experience than before.
Please give it a try, and let me know if you like it, ok?
Watch and download it from here.


  1. is this the right way ?:
    … \ livecpk \ PES21_GamePlay_Liberty__v1.0 \ v1.0

    or should it be so ?:
    … \ livecpk \ PES21_GamePlay_Liberty__v1.0

  2. Hi, the bottom one should be correct \ livecpk \ PES21_GamePlay_Liberty__v1.0
    sorry it was not clear enough

  3. Can’t play it on 1.06 version of pes. Can you update so we can use your patch, bro?

  4. Hi, this gameplay is tested on 1.06, so it should work. Did you follow the instruction in the description of the video? What’s the folder directory in your sider look like? How do you know the patch can’t play?


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