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PES 2021 J1 League Patch For PC by mahanddeem


The PES 2021 J1 League Patch / Add-on For PC by mahanddeem.

Presenting to you today the J1 league for PES 2021 with season 2020 kits, rosters, catches, minifaces, real faces, formations, emblems and high quality flags: J1 League Patch/Add-on for fresh game/compatible patches for PC PES2021.

1. All 18 J1-League teams replacing PAS League (Face Konami Asian League)
2. Updated Rosters to Dec, 19th 2020
3. Updated all team coaches with pictures
4. Updated formations to last week J1 league matches (e.g. Iniesta is injured currently)
5. ALL players have minifaces
6. About 250 real faces (half the number of all players)
7. Formations based on last round of J1 league on Dec, 19th
8. Updated Vissel Kobe, FC Tokyo and Yokohama FM

PES 2021 J1 League Patch

1. PC version of PES2021 DP3
2. Sider 7.0.2 setup and working
3. Netblock module active in Sider
4. Fresh game/compatible patch that does use original Konami ID players AND untouched PAS League (fake Konami Asian League)
5. Small setup procedure

[27.12] Download Link: [Here]

[28.12] Fix Download Link: [Here]:

If you see Japanese competitions names written in Japanese then use these competition files. Extract and place Competition folder in WEPES folder and import them in-game

How to Install:
1. Back up you files FIRST (EDIT00000000.bin and SYSTEM.bin (located in Konami folder in My Documents)
2. Download the patch archive and extract it somewhere in your hard drive
3. Copy WEPES folder contents and place them in WEPES folder in Konami folder in My Documents
4. Launch the game (Sider should be NOT running)
5. Go to Edit, load your existing EDIT or create one if non is present
6. Go to Import/Export


7. Choose Import Competition


8. Choose all 3 entries and go to detailed Settings


9. Tick the box (Overrighting images…) the and press OK, then wait for it to finish


11. Tick all boxes and press on Detailed settings


12. Tick both boxes and press OK, wait on it to finish

13. When it’s done, go to Competition Structure and change draw size Meiji Yasuda J1 League to 18 team

draw size

14. Go back in Edit and change Competition Structure in Asian teams, transfer Vissel Kobe, Tokyo FC and Yokohama F Marinos to J1 League replacing whatever fake teams you find in it

15. It should look like this when your done


16. Go back to main Edit menu and save your Edit

17. Close the game

18. In Sider folder, copy the folders “J1 Faces” and “J1 Minifaces” to livecpk folder

19. Open your Sider.ini and add these 2 lines:

cpk.root = “.\livecpk\J1 Faces”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\J1 Minifaces”

20. Run Sider and launch the game

21. You should disable game Live Update if you don’t want messed up team, press R3 on team select to turn Live Update OFF or better use Sider Netblock module

22. I could have uploaded my whole save folder, but it will limit the compatibility of this mod.

Please respect the effort and hours put in into this mod from me as well as from the valuable community modders. Please DON’T use unless permitted to use these files in your patch/mod/editing/etc.

The Sider by Juce
JPESEdit Team
Smoke Patch for faces and minifaces (https://www.pessmokepatch.com/)
NFS_FM for his great database and mobile PES updates
PESEditor by Ejog327
@makis for some quality faces.

Note: compatible with Evopatch 2.0 for PC, may work with other patches as well.


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