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PES 2021 Immersion Mod 2.0 by Durandil PES & juce


Immersion Mod 2.0 For PES 2021 by Durandil PES and juce is the mod Durandil PES has been working on for several months now, and it’s finally available! If you have known previous Cutscene Mod, this is a new version with 30x more content!

✅ More than 250 edited cutscenes, including new animations and camera modifications!
✅ A lot of new cutscenes for Master League mode: They will also change from season to season!
✅ New cutscenes for Become A Legend mode: Includes scenes with the coach/staff in the lockeroom before a derby match! 👍
✅ New environments – Included new meetings rooms and new animations in the news menu (for ML/BL)
✅ New coach animations for Master League during matches!
✅ New goal celebrations + camera angles! :RSCARF:
✅ New edited cutscenes in match (fouls/substitutions/timeup) :Y1
✅ New camera angles for hundreds of cutscenes – before, during & after the matches!

Immersion Mod PES 2021

Warning – read before installing this mod.

⛔▶ This mod is only compatible with efootball PES2021 PC Version and uses Data Pack 4.0 (02/04/21)
▶ You must have the sider mod installed for this mod to work properly.
▶ The mod has been tested several times which never crashed the game. Some minor bugs may however occur and a issue list is available below.
▶ Be sure to follow the instructions below to properly install the mod. It has not currently been tested with any other mod or patch.

Mod Tips:
– You don’t need to restart a career or any game mode, changes will be visible everywhere.
– You can delete the old Cutscene Mod. It shouldn’t conflict but it’s better to remove it.
– For BAL mode, assign rival teams to your team from Edit Mode to see new cutscenes appear before a derby match.
– I intentionally made the game able to load new scenes/cameras randomly but also the default ones, so that the new ones are more surprising to you when you will notice them in-game.
– If you want to see only the created cutscenes/camera all the time, replace the “map.ini” file in the “content/cut-scenes” folder with the one named “map_only_new_cutscenes.ini”
– In the sider menu, you can press F9 to reload the cutscenes module. (By default, it’s updated before every match and at other times)

How to install:

1. Unzip Immersion Mod 2.0.zip file into “Steam\steamapps\common\efootball PES 2021”
2. The “content”, “livecpk” and “modules” folders must appear in the same location.


3. Add cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Immersion Mod 2.0” to your sider.ini
4. Add > lua.module = “CutScenes.lua” to your sider.ini


5. Check if you have correctly installed the mod: Launch the game, and go to the “Skills Training” menu. Select any team and any training. After loading, you will have this camera in the background if the mod is installed correctly:


Download Immersion Mod 2.0 – Preview on Youtube.


– Durandil PES (Main author/cutscenes creations)
– juce (Technical part of the mod – cutscenes.lua module for sider creator)

Bug Report:
02/03/21 – Some news scenes may not appear correctly (minor / no impact on the game)
02/03/21 – Some props do not appear in the right place in room meeting 2 and 3 (minor / no impact on the game)
02/03/21 – The player making the speech is not the captain in a locker room scene (minor / no impact on the game)
02/03/21 – Rare message “Camera ID Rate All 00” appears and pauses the game (Press OK to continue) (minor / no impact on the game)


  1. I havent seen the new cutscenes yet and also my game hangs at transitioning to the second half.

  2. Same here.. I have done big player transfers on ML.. Still no high end presentation. During second season, my barclays premier league gets broken.. No league just champions league.. Idk how others do. I installed everything well.. I’m on dp 4.0, v 1.04.01, cpy


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