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PES 2021 Groupama Arena by TheSpecialOne


The PES 2021 Groupama Arena (Ferencváros Stadion) by TheSpecialOne.

Here are some features of this Stadium :

– Real Life Ads Throughout Stadium
– Ferencvárosi Ultras Crowd (With Banners) Thanks to RavenFCB
– Halo Lights
– Real Life Stadium Tunnel of Ferencvárosi
– Real Life Seat Plan
– Reflective Glass
– Waving Flags in Crowd (Thanks lohan258 )
– Special Entrance Cutscene
– Thanks to captain8lunt for TV.

PES 2021 Groupama Arena PES2021 Ferencvaros Stadion

UCL, UEL Banners will be released at a later date.
Playing With Default Stadium Camera gives bugs. For Stadium Camera, Play on Zoom = +7 to solve or use nesa24 Camera Modules.

Team ID : Check Your Patch
Stadium ID : 009

Ferencvaros Stadiim PES2021

The Lights and Crowd for this are done by me with captain8lunt ‘s and Serge ‘s help to refine them. Thanks to Hobbit for his Video Tutorials.
Converted from PES 2013, but modified immensely by me by adding Ad-boards throughout the Stadium by looking at real life images of the Stadium, The top ring of roof were the hardest.
Thanks to captain8lunt for his help to solve problems encountered along the way.
I think this completes Stadiums for all Champions League Clubs this Season.

Donate if you like it and Enjoy :)

How to install in Stadium Server: [Download]
– Install latest Sider version by Juce
– Install Stadium-Server by Zlac
– Extract this stadium using winrar and extract to \content\stadium-server\
– Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt:
teamid, stadiumid, stadiumname, stadiumame #teamname
– Save, run sider, then start game via Steam and enjoy!
* Change with Team ID in your patch by following this tutorial, if needed.


  1. Depends on, what patch are you using, the team ID will be different. E.g. I’m using smoke patch, so my line looks like this as the ID of Fradi is 2356 in smoke patch:
    2356, 009, Groupama Aréna, Groupama Arena # Ferencvárosi TC


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