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PES 2021 Grey Edit Mode Background by SoulBallZ


Grey Edit Mode Background For PES 2021 by SoulBallZ.

This mod changes the Edit Mode background color to grey. Color Code: #A0A0A0. Primarily made for editing purposes. Can be useful for those who want to easily cut out faces, players from the background.

With BG Animations Without BG Animations

2 versions included. With BG Animations and Without BG Animations.

How to Install? [Download]
1) Copy Grey Background folder to your livecpk folder.
2) Add the following line to your sider.ini: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Grey Background"

Credits: Hawke.


  1. Thanks for the great mod. Is there a way to change the background to image or to different color? I am curently new to modding and i want to moddify the whole in-game menu so can u show me the ways and the tools i need to use? Thanks in advance.


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