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PES 2021 Goal Sound Mod by pedritoperez


PES 2021 Goal Sound Mod update V1.2.1 by pedritoperez is a mod of home team goal sound. The idea is to make the goal cry more exciting. This mod is in testing so any comments are welcome, there are times when the original sound is activated but because some audios have not yet been edited, they will be in due course.
MOD fully compatible with predator002 chants. It is made for use with the “soundserver” settings attached below.

Installation. Download.

* Add Gol folder to livecpk folder
* Add the following line in the sider: cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Gol”
* “Always delete the previous version”

# Now the volume is decreasing correctly, without cutting abruptly
# The volume was lowered to make the sound more even and therefore more pleasant

UPDATE V1.2.1:
# The volume was adjusted a little.
# It is intended to apply in almost all cases.
# It is applied to the away goal but with its respective volume.

Put these crowd values in soundserver and only then raise or lower the volume of your sound device:

Goal Sound Mod PES 2021

* If you have the previous version, delete it and install only 1.2.1 version.



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