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PES 2021 Global Sponsors by SoulBallZ


The PES 2021 Global Sponsors Mod by SoulBallZ Updated 16.04 – This mod replaces the sponsors made by Konami (THE PITCH IS OURS, eFootball, myClub) with more realistic ones to improve your Master League experience. The sponsors will be replaced globally for club and national teams.

You can choose from 12 different sponsor packs and you can create your own packs too by selecting from 160 ready-made sponsors and 10 backboard colors. Have fun!

– High quality sponsors.
– Unified sponsor style.
– Sponsor Packs: 12 different packs to choose from.
– Select Your Own Sponsors: 160 sponsors and 10 backboard colors to choose from.
– Previews and tutorial included.

PES 2021 Global Sponsors

Download (Updated: 16/04/2021): from mega on evo-web.

Global Sponsors Fix : I fixed a bug that happened when sponsors were viewed from distance. It caused by using a different DDS format (BC7 instead of BC3) for nearly lossless quality. The affected sponsor packs are Champions League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Europa League.


How to install?
1) Choose your preferred Sponsor Pack.
2) Copy the Global Sponsors folder to your livecpk folder.
3) Add the following line to your sider.ini:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Global Sponsors”

– The mod won’t affect the sponsors you already imported in Edit mode. You can still import sponsors and edit backboard colors team by team. The imported sponsors will overwrite the Global Sponsors for the team you are imported them to.
– Sponsor Packs don’t include modified backboard colors by default.
– All Sponsor Packs use the same sponsors (FIFA.com, Coca-Cola, Visa) for national teams.

Be respectful!
My mods are for personal use, if you would like to use them for other purposes, please read on!
– If you would like to include my mods in your patch: ask for permission in private message!
– If you would like to use my mods: give me credit!
– If you would like to share my mods: include the original download link and the original source link (Evo-Web Thread)!
– It’s not allowed to: use my mods in paid patches, hide them behind money-making download links, repack, reupload, lock or advertise them as your own work!
Thank you for your understanding!

SoulBallZ – Sponsor Packs, Sponsors, Backboard Colors
Devil Cold52 – PES 2021 Ftex Converter
shawminator – CG Pes Explorer
juce – Sider​



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