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PES 2021 GamePlays For PC by incas36


– Pes Golden: (my favourite) in whitch the (in)famous Team Spirit will be the same for human and for CPU players so ALL wil be balanced and stats will REALLY matter (nomore fast players wil be reached by slow ones, your fast forwards with high stats in dribbling and ball control will be a REAL danger for CPU defence, battle for ball will never be win by CPU, etc.). You know when you play Exhibition? Well you’ll play a normal ML like you play in exhibition (and better too, for me!). SCRIPT? FORGET IT!

PES Golden Mod 2021

– Pes Silver: with mixed Levels (starting from Regular to Legend), some script will be there, but very small.

PES GOLDEN (Ver [Link]

– how to install? Simply replace your file (backup FIRST);
– can we use non-konami dt18? Yes, we can;
– we have to restart a ML? Not necessarily;
– can we use with patched game? Only if the patch doesn’t use it’s modded exe.

Let me thanks my Senior Tester ciuffu for his patient, dedication and suggestions, thank you very very much ciuffu!


  1. Hey Incas, please make an update to 1.06 version, we can’t play anymore, because of the new .exe version of pes, with all the DLCs that came after this release. Please, I want to play your mod so bad, bro, I HATE TEAM SPIRIT!


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