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PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V4.0 by Lewpop


The latest PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Version 4.0 by Lewpop has been released.

FYI: If you’ve tested version 3.7, this is very similar aside from a few tweaks to make the game feel better (dribbling, response times, line lengths etc.). Unfortunately, there’s a few things about DP2 that I don’t particularly like, which is odd considering all the good feedback I had heard… But this should help a little hopefully!

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V4 by Lewpop

Main Changes (From V3):
Increased full back push up speed
Small tweak that allows the AI to be more varied in their attacks, more likely to chose short passing options as they have more options overall. Affects user and AI.

Reduced line length in offense and defense

Those of you that tested 3.7 will have experienced this, but this works well to keep the field compact and reduces the tendency of the game getting very end-to-end. Unfortunately, I’ve had to slightly increase line length from V3.7, as some of the changes Konami made in DP2 have been bugging me.

Reduced AI overpowered tackles in their penalty area
Allows the user to pull of quick feints and get shots off in the box more easily if you’re good at dribbling. There is actually a simple value in the dt18 that controls this so I’m not sure why they’re so overpowered in the first place.

Adjusted AI pass selection
Made the AI more likely to build up through short passes over unnecessary long passes. Advanced Instructions and team instructions unfortunately still make the AI make some idiotic choices, but it should be toned down a little.

Adjustments to AI marking
Attempting to make the AI better at marking spaces, as opposed to just running head first in to the player on the ball. Still a long way to go, but the AI shouldn’t be as rushed when they mark/press.

Other adjustments include a slight decrease in pass speed, adjustments to make dribbling slightly easier and adjustments to response times.

[Download LEW Version 4] and enjoy!

Update 15.01:

Apologies for my absence, personal life has continued to get in the way and thus I’ve barely played this game at all for the last couple months or so.
In addition, I lost all motivation to continue modding this game as the final changes I had intended to implement (focusing on defensive shape) pretty much broke the game.

I have one final update to share with you guys anyway, with a focus on ‘freedom’ when dribbling and again reducing the overpowered nature of the CPU in the tackle. I’ve been using this final update for a couple of days and it genuinely plays very well, so hopefully you guys will enjoy.

The downside is that I’ve had to scale back some of the changes I had made previously to compress the pitch, as it has too much of a negative effect on the way the game plays.

Download Lewpop’s Gameplay Mod (PES 2021) – Final Version version [or sharemods].

FYI, this works well with the exe from Holland latest gameplay mod, so feel free to try with that or with the vanilla.


  1. Where do I put the “common” folder? Does it work with the CPY version or is it only for the official version?

  2. Hello bro. Can u just tell us in detailed where do the COMMON folder to be place. Is it in LIVECPK or Which ever that don’t confuse us. Please revert!!!

  3. Hey,

    I’m looking to work with The AI to make my teammates more responsive to interceptions and other defensive adjustments. I find that whenever there is a chance for an interception, the AI lets it go in favor of standing there watching. There needs to be a neat ball or some sort of shortest path optimization criteria whereby the player closet to ball attempts to retrieve it whenever its loose. If ball is loose, closest player on your team should attempt to get it. How can I tweak the AI to make it do what I want?


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