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PES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Lewpop


Lewpop’s Gameplay Mod (PES 2021) Updated 2020-09-16.

Main Changes:
Removed pass assistance on ground passes (X/A)
Manual users will like this hopefully – I’ve removed pass support on ground passes. This works well as PES applies a certain level pass ‘correction’ even when pass support is set to off, so it actually feels more akin to a pass support 0.5 (or maybe 0.3 I guess). Lobbed passes and through balls remain as normal.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V1

Reduced standing tackle speed (also increased tackle delay for AI)
Pretty self explanatory… I’ve found that tackles can still be pretty overpowering in some instances, so i’ve reduced the enter speed in order to humanise the AI.

Adjusted AI shot accuracy
Just a reduction in shot accuracy for the AI, particularly when they’re through 1 on 1 – which is a goal almost 100% of the time

Increased AI numbers in attack
This is a tricky one, I’ve increased the numbers in attack for the AI but sometimes it seems to work great, other times they are still quite timid. It’s definitely tied to the ‘Attack Level’, but I think Advanced Instructions and Tactics get in the way of this as well.

Adjusted Motivation
Essentially this is what makes your players go super unresponsive all of a sudden when the AI decide to score, so i’ve adjusted these values so it’s less overpowering. Sometimes it can get a bit easy though when ‘the force is with you’…


Other slight tweaks made as well.

Drag the file called ‘dt18_all.cpk’ in to your PES 2021 ‘Data’ folder (Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2021\Data)
Backup your own dt18_all first.


  1. i like vanilla version but feel like GK is too good??
    would it be possible for you to make gk weak ??????


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