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PES 2021 FuNZoTiK Entrances converted by milos987 1.0


FuNZoTiK Entrances converted by milos987 V1.0 For PES 2021 PC.

Many entrances are converted from PES 2019 EvoSwitcher;
New entrances and trophies added;
Some entrances have a licensed trophy, some have a fake trophy;

Entrances PES2021 converted by milos987

All these trophies are fixed with good hands animations;
New entrances and winner animations for UCL / UEL and USC;
100% adapted to anthems by predator002;
Added stadiums banners;
Added substitution plates;
Added stadiums boards;
Added stadium external view predator002 : Sports Park.

Many entrances are configured to work in exhibition mode.
1. Download and install the Tournament Anthems by predator002
2. If you already have any entrance / trophy server installed, delete it (files + module in sider.ini)
3. Extract the files of my pack in your PES 2021 directory
4. Open sider.ini then put lua modules like this :

(...)lua.module = “StadiumServer.lua”
lua.module = "tournament_anth_tunnel.lua"
lua.module = "Entrance_fix.lua"
lua.module = "Entrance.lua"
lua.module = "Stadium_Banner.lua"
lua.module = "Stadium_Board.lua"

5. Enjoy.

How to use tunnelarch with stadium server:
If you can’t see tunnelarch (tunnel between stadium and pitch) you must go to your stadium folder and do this:

  • Go to your stadium/common/demo/fixdemo/ent/cut_data/
  • Delete ent_001_view_st000_mob.fdcand ent_009_st000_cmn_mob.fdc(also if they have some other st0xx ids)
  • If stadium has common entrance(like center of tribune, not corner or side ones or stair tunnel) then it’s better to delete ent_009_st000_cmn_pl.fdc for leagues that have ball entrance like Russian Premier League. This will make referee going next to ballstand

Download 1.0

Credits :
FuNZoTiK – creator of this module for PES 2020
ginda01 – EvoSwitcher PES 2019
predator002 – Anthem module
Ezequiel – LPF Argentina Entrance
Piero Rojas – Some Trophies
1002MB – Some Entrances
Dzaigo – Some Entrances
Gianluca – Some Entrances
Overall – Some Entrances
superb3222 – Some substitution plates, La Liga Team Entrances
The amazing Evo-Web community !


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