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PES 2021 Entrance + Tunnel Mod by FuNZoTiK


AIO for PES21 Entrance + Tunnel by FuNZoTiK / Gianluca.

For the following competitions:

Italian Cup (Tunnel only)
LaLiga (Generic and Atletico Madrid and Real madrid teams)
Serie A (ligue and exibithion match)
Serie B (ligue and exibithion match)
Italian Super Cup
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Supercup

FuNZoTiK Entrances adapted for PES 2021 Entrances PES21

INFO: Delete the old Entrance, entrancefix and Stadium-tunnel folders, if you have (for Pes20)

CL Entrance PES2021

1) [Download] the pack and extract , then copy my entrance folder into the sider’s content folder
and the entrance.lua module into the sider’s modules folder.

2) Add the string to the sider.ini file lua.module = "Entrance.lua" ABOVE the Stadium-server string.


  1. Check your scoreboard files, or reinstall entrances if you get errors.

    Ok, I installed my old entrance folder again and then copied only Gianlucas AIO and overwritten the existing files. Now the Bundesliga and the German Supercup are back. So it makes sense not to delete the entire entrance folder, because then the remaining Funzo entrances are gone. Either just copy Gianluca’s patch in or first delete the entrance folders that are also contained in Gianluca’s patch. I also noticed that I still need the entrance fix folder. If I delete it the entry of the players in the Allianz Arena is bugged.

    I installed everything else in the following order

    FunZoTik’s entrance pack 1.0-1.3

    preds tournament anthem

    Kunpup anthem 2.1

    After this:
    Gianluca’s new entrance AIO

    Kunpup anthem 2.5

    However, I have the entrance. lua from Gianluca’s mod and not replaced with Kunpup, because Gianluca was edited in my opinion and Kunpup is still the old one from July. I can’t say whether that matters. So far everything works that I have tested. UCL, UEL, UEFA Super CUP, Bundesliga, German Supercup

    * I didn’t delete entrance_fix file.

    If you want to disable Entrance_fix, there is a way to preserve entrances.
    Copy paste the contents of Entrance_fix folder (let’s say st011) which is Allianz Arena to the Stadium Server folder, Konami\Allianz Arena\common\demo\fixdemo\ent\cut_data .
    If such a folder does not exist then you have to make it by creating folders.
    Then put StadiumServer.lua above Entrance.lua. In this way, the entrance will be fixed for both league, cup and UCL matches as stadium-server files will take preference over Default Entrance. You won’t get Entrance arch, but all other elements like circle flag and others will be there for such special stadiums like Allianz Arena, Veltins ARENA etc.

    In the entrance folder, do a “timeup” search, all the folders must be deleted so as not to have the black screen bug at half-time


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