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PES 2021 El Sadar Stadium by veintisiete2772


New model of Estadio El Sadar with aerial views (C.A. Osasuna) by veintisiete2772 for PES 2021.

First of all, thank you very much to don88 for the enormous and continuous help with aerial views and tunnel, also to captain8lunt for the TV and general support, _TheSpecialOne_ and the whole stadium creators comunity… the result would not be the same without them.

PES 2021 El Sadar Stadium

Known bugs:
As the stadium ID is 002 (Nou Camp) comments reffer to Barcelona stadium and some cinematic camera angles doesn’t fit correctly (such as offside replays). It is the price to pay for aerial views…

PES 2021 Estadio El Sadar

How to install in Stadium Server: [Download]
– Install latest Sider version by Juce
– Install Stadium-Server by Zlac
– Extract this stadium using winrar and extract to \content\stadium-server\
– Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt:
263, 002, Estadio El Sadar, El Sadar # CA Osasuna
– Save, run sider, then start game via Steam and enjoy!
* Change with Team ID in your patch by following this tutorial, if needed.

Ps: The real stadium remodelation isn’t finished yet so many things are based on renders, such as blue stairs. Once it is finished I will update major changes if needed.



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