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PES 2021 Dream Patch V2.1


Dream Patch V2.0 + V2.1: Most Complete Patch on PES 2021 Changelog:

  • Add new leagues to the game: Germany, United States, Mexico, Japan, Peru. In addition, add all the teams that participate in the big club tournaments: Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores.
  • More than 7000 player faces.
  • More than 650 stadiums, including River Plate and Boca Jrs stadium updates. with structural changes and advertisements, new stadiums for the Argentine Cup, corrections of entrance animations, etc.
  • New game menu.
  • New mini faces for different teams.
  • Teams emblems updated.
  • Competition menus updated.
  • Players and referees Kits updated.
  • Adboards updated.
  • Update SubBoardServer module with new change boards.
  • Update cornerFlag module with variants for each team and / or patch selection.
  • Update TornamentCornerFlag module with new competition flags.
  • BallBoysServer module is added along with some bouncer jackets.
  • New competitions intros.
  • Update scoreboards for the different competitions, such as: Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League, Libertadores, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Liga Argentina, Liga 1 Betsson, Liga MX, Liga Chilean, In addition to Exhibition Scoreboards.
  • Around 45 exclusive Trophies, Entrances and Winners Platform fully updated: English Premier League, Serie A and Italian Supercup, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander and Copa del Rey, Liga NOS and Taça de Portugal, Ziraat Türkiye Kupasi, KNVB Beker, Russian Premier League , Cup Y Supercup, Scottish Cup, Coupe de la Ligue, Copa Do Brasil, MLS, Copa y Supercopa Argentina, LPF, JLeague, Fuji Xerox Super Cup, Liga 1 Betsson and Copa Bicentenario de Perú, PlanVital Championship and Copa Chile, Liga, Copa y Supercopa Mx, African Cup of Nations, Copa América, FIFA Club World Cup, South American Qualifiers, Copa Libertadores 2021… among others.
  • Individual trophies for best player from America, Asia and Europe, also brings the real Ballon d’Or.
  • You can choose to play with or without the MLS additional league. The mode without MLS gives greater stability to the Master League mode, avoiding any possible random crash.
  • Includes 24 classic national teams, so you can play with the best players in history (with their real faces!) And win the old trophy: JULES RIMET, to be crowned the best team of all time.

PES 2021 Dream Patch 2.1

Credits (Please notify us if we have accidentally left someone out)
Dream Team: RealKur7, Albiore, garythano, joaako1602, MeroMero08, AXL Facemaker, Gordoumbanda, emaelmate, JPFacemaker, Isco Pastén, Rydimir, the_pelado, il_nachox, Zeebaxx, Exoxian, LoboSemillas, theviper12, RipRipher, Nelson Reynoso, Wachiwo, Aleigles, Space Kng, CarlosFitt, el flavo, Raditzx, gasconfacemaker, Nico Silva, JLDeb.

Dream Partner: Gavi83

Faces: Konami, AXL Facemaker, Minchosheen, Gordoumbanda, emaelmate, gasconfacemaker, Jonathan Facemaker, Andri Mod, Random Facemaker, Stb, Prince Hamiz, TiToo, Volun, Halil Furkan, The White Demon, Sofyan Andri, Hugimen, Robert PES Facemaker, Ummah Qiya, Francisco1507, Shaft, Bmpes, Lucas Facemaker, VN Huy Bui, Bebofacemaker, kibi011, Zenin Rohman, Kleyton, Drachen, SeanFede, Nahue Facemaker, Dekart, stranger, Francisc1507, Judas Facemaker, SR, Bono Facemaker, Ando12345, Lucas, Ahmed el Shenany, Emre T, DNB, DNAI, Huybuy, Jarray, Eric, Return, Ratatui, Messi pradeep, Fede, Galacton, Shaft, MadMax, Nene, Luis, Ghufran, Bou7a, Andrey93, Danger, Unknown facemaker, K, Raden, Dustmcpw, AmirHsn7, KepaRik, Octavio, FootballMania, Viktor S, Ciervos Clásicos, PESWEB, Maratik182, Lr7face, Bolulu, Amey Varangaonkar, Spursfan18, Whoami, Rednik, L.G.R. Facemaker, Jovic, Jovic1901 Juanchi25, DAVIDJM08, champions1989, ultra1312, Dominic, Oliver Martin, ABS, vojasrbin, I3ens, Farouk278, Paqelas, Bebo Facemaker, Cybermaker, Rachmad ABs, jovic, heywips, PB, Furkan6141, leopen79, Yeshua Facemaker, BurakGD, Tsunami, alireza, Korneev, Rachman ABs, Fleishman, YNWA, Diegotatoosparapes, Hector.

Tattoos: Konami, Supernova, Ando12345, Hoppus117, Galacton, Dennis B1, AMX Edition, theviper12, Andrés Rocha.

Kits: Konami, zeebaxx, Wachiwo, Exoxian, Albiore, il_nachox, Space kng, Lobosemillas, Aleigles, the_pelado, AntoG_25, Angel Torero, Aerial Edson, Arroyin_pe, Marc_11_11, Jedim24, JPKitmaker, Ciervos Clásicos, PES AF 13, KitMan Cal, VinVanDam13, Pencho Galleta, Sando, BM Kits, Hawke, mota10, marckldu, EderMello86, 4lan kitmaker, EDKits, Homer S, JorkPES, AMX Edition, MarcosKTM, Ninet, Kitsforwepes, Waserin_PES, Aliheidari2520, mezoeg, jorgecabral, speckkopf, santimanya11, Bromley Kits, Alexvegask8, Caveras, Blueyboy_73, Elements MAX, Masuta, imzenox l kevin, Scott Carson, J.Kit_Editor, Ahmed Al-Hussein, JCH331994, mam14901, VinnieCisneros, drigOrange, ggdaris, BangaHeq, Tekask1903, muntjac09.

Trophies: Konami, joaako1602, MeroMero_08, metalex, hungvnu.

Adboards: Evo-Web, Rydimir, Chosefs, Gothlay, Albiore, majuh, ctonian, Nabawi, Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, Rique’s, DrDoooMuk, Balkan Pes Box.

Minifaces: P1_AR, theviper12, Raditzx, fmdataba, jmanuel, Isco Pastén, Cisco87, SMcCutcheon, Bib, Sofifa.

Stadiums: Konami, The_pelado, gavi83, Arthur Torres, Sila, Raven, BMPes, blackbull, twich, Jostike Games, PESWilliam, El_Rubio_UY, omarbonvi, vangheljs, AlexFreen, garythano, Scotto, Nico Silva, Juan Josue, _LauDRuP_, xcdf86, martinza, elpombero, Andò12345, Ole, captainblunt, Cristian Otrillas, muham_istau, paul_tisgalko, The cuervo, Matupale, Damisei, Realsoto, PablinPk, Mario arbotto arq, bouquenom, philnet09, zakaria, hobbit, callmev, _thespecialone_, badgerbadger, CocoSurprise, DvirK.

Database: RealKur7, Albiore, jedim24, joaako1602, elflavo, the_pelado, garythano.

Tools: Ejogc327 (The Best!), Evo-Web, Juce, nesa24, Zlac, Predator007, shawminator, Mjts, Hawke, Chuny (GFX Mod)

Scoreboards: Isco Pastén, Spursfan18, Unknown32, Overall, 1002MB, ryudek, –SG–, klerry, Ripher, JenW, Fedeguggeri14, Lukasvillakapo, lero44, Franco Bracali, Alex Hammer, milos897, qkhnsmskk , General.

Flags: Klerry, The_pelado, RipRipher.

Graphics: theviper12, axl facemaker, Ummah Qiyah.

Sounds: Konami, ElFlavo, Albiore

Partners Communities: AFA-PES, PesEdition Arg, PESoccerPeru, PES-Aztk, PES Bolivia.

See player list here. Managers 2021 in: Facebook Fanpage.

Download Dream Patch V2.0+V2.1 from pastebin (official) + guide below:

INSTALLATION (Needs the game updated with Konami 5.0 DLC)

– Delete your previous edit file.


– Remove all content from a previously installed patch in the game’s root folder. The game’s “Donwload” folder should look like this photo when you’re done.


– Delete all the content of a patch previously installed in the game’s “download” folder. The game’s root folder should look like this photo when you’re done.


– Download the 17 parts of the patch.
– Download the 17 parts of the stadium server.

– Please extract the content of the patch on the same hard drive that you have installed the game, Do not copy and paste the patch data from one hard drive to another, you may corrupt some files in the process. If you did this step correctly, you will see the folders “Dream Patch Sider” and “Optional” appear.


– At this point the patch is correctly installed, but you need to do the last great step, which is to install the nearly 700 stadiums of the patch.


– Extract the content of the 31 parts of the stadium server in the folder “Dream Patch Sider” and with this you can now enjoy the most beautiful patch in the world.


Little Fix: There is a problem with some half time cinematics. Copy this Fix on \Dream Patch Sider\content\cut-scenes​.


  1. For anyone who might think to download his…don’t bother, it dosen’t work.
    Waste of time and space

  2. transfer to the other team in bal doesn’t work, something broken within patch and system files, patch need testing.


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