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PES 2021 Clean No Crowd Mod by Hawke


The PES 2021 Clean No Crowd Mod by Hawke removes the dead bodies from Furkan6141 no crowd mod and also includes no waving flags & no camera flashes.

PES 2021 Clean No Crowd Mod

Credits: Furkan6141, dazzaa and Hawke.

The Clean No Crowd Mod V2 has been released on 27.10 with these changes:
– Fixed Aerial intro lag
– Removed Flagbearers.

How To Install In PES 2021 Season Update: [Download V2]
1. Remove any previous no crowd mods.
2. Extract the “No Crowd” folder from the No Crowd Mod Update.RAR archive & place in your Sider “livecpk” folder.
3. Add the line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\No Crowd" to your Sider.ini.


  1. Brilliant, I have waited for anyone to notice those dead bodies that remain in stands ,such as feet ,but with this tweak ,it means no more of that and no lag …and will hav a clean stand … thank you u r the man

  2. Yo! This is amazing, great work, now here comes my request, is there a way to get the players to make sounds and grunts, I hear them grunt when I tackle but that’s it


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