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PES 2021 Classic NASL League by PES Buck PS4


The PES 2021 Classic NASL League V2.1 by PES Buck PS4 Team List Includes:

PES 2021 Classic NASL League Mod

Classic Atlanta Chiefs
Classic Chicago Sting
Classic Dallas Tornado
Classic Fort Lauderdale Strikers
Classic Los Angeles Aztecs
Classic Minnesota Kicks
Classic New York Cosmos
Classic Portland Timbers
Classic St Louis Stars
Classic San Antonio Thunder
Classic San Diego Sockers
Classic San Jose Earthquakes
Classic Seattle Sounders
Classic Tampa Bay Rowdies
Classic Toronto Blizzards
Classic Tulsa Roughnecks
Classic Vancouver Whitecaps
Classic Washington Diplomats

V2.1 corrects some squads/positioning/nationalities and updates some rosters.

V2 Adds:

Classic Edmonton Drillers
Classic Philadelphia Fury

After creating the Classic MLS Option File, I decided to create a Classic NASL Option File.

The Original NASL league started in 1968 and ended in 1984. The popularity of soccer during the 1966 FIFA World Cup in the USA gave birth to the NASL league just as the 1994 FIFA World Cup and popularity gave birh to Major League Soccer. Good article on correlation between NASL and MLS – By The Numbers… North American Soccer League vs Major League Soccer

The Classic NASL League file covers players through out the 70’s and early 80’s. There is some Legend European players on some of the squads that came over and played in the NASL. Before Bruce Grobbelaar went on to play over 400 games between the sticks at Liverpool, he did a spell at Vancouver Whitecaps.

The teams have no duplicate players (unless I missed it in my spreadsheet). Some teams will have players that spread 2 different team names. Examples: Atlanta Chiefs played 1973 as Atlanta Apollos. Toronto Metros, Toronto Metros-Croatia, and Toronto Blizzard. Miami Toros and Fort Lauderdale Strikers. San Jose Earthquakes and Golden Bay Earthquakes.

I just wished that the PS4 internal editing tools were alot better to be able to create those 70’s hairstyles along with those long sideburns to showcase those big bushy moustaches of the 70’s.

There is actually an easter egg in this file due to a certain player.

When installing, be sure to check the first box. Also remember to turn Live Updates off by clicking on R3 on controller if the squads do not appear correct in Kick Off.

Once you install Competition CEDs, Set the league to 18 teams.

Since this file is created over the fake PEU League and uses those teams fake players, this file is compatible with all future Data Packs.

Kits 1024
Installs in PEU League

Classic NASL League V2 Update:

Classic NASL League Update

– V2 adds two new teams to the Classic NASL League Option File – Edmonton Drillers and Philadelphia Fury (Last 2 teams in PEU League).

– Minor fixes

John Webb has been moved from Chicago Sting to Edmonton Drillers as well as Jan Goossens moved from San Jose Earthquakes to Edmonton Drillers.

V2 Download Links: (not needed if you get 2.1)

PES 2021 Version V2 Download Link.
PES 2020 Version V2 Download Link.

When updating V2, check both boxes when installing. If you had V1, change Competition to 20 teams.

A Optional V3 will be released soon and will add 16 more Classic NASL teams to Other European Teams (V3 will be for PES 2020 and 2021)

Here is a NASL Soccer Bowl Logo Pack to create your own Classic NASL Playoffs and Soccer Bowl through Konami Cup.


NASL Soccer Bowl Logo Pack Download Link.

V2.1 Download Links:

PES 2021 Version V2.1 Download Link;
PES 2020 Version V2.1 Download Link.

When updating, check both boxes.


Option File: Classic NASL League by PES Buck
Kits: takethatkevin, WalkerCleltic, Toshiro, Cabanaxbox
Faces: PES Buck, Toshiro, MagicWaddle, MYLO2410, PES Universe, Pro Evolution Legendary, Zsolt72, The Dex, Voitx9, Salvinho
Resources: https://www.nasljerseys.com and North American Soccer League Encyclopedia Book
Special Thanks to takethatkevin for sharing the NASL Kits.

Optional V3 Classic NASL 16 New Teams Update

V3 adds 16 Classic NASL Teams to Other European Teams

V3 Classic NASL 16 New Teams

16 New Classic NASL Teams List:

Classic Boston Minutemen
Classic California Surf
Classic Chicago Mustangs
Classic Detroit Cougars
Classic Detroit Express
Classic Houston Hurricanes
Classic Kansas City Spurs
Classic Memphis Rogues
Classic Miami Toros
Classic Montreal Olympique
Classic New England Tea Men
Classic New York Generals
Classic Philadelphia Atoms
Classic Rochester Lancers
Classic Team America
Classic NASL Select 1980

V3 brings 36 Total Classic NASL Teams – Over 700 NASL Players

Like with previous versions, there is no duplicate players in the file – EXCEPT on 2 teams – NASL Select ’80 and Team America.

NASL Select ’80 – The NASL Select team was an All-Star team put together for Franz Beckenbauer’s “Farewell” game against the New York Cosmos.

Team America – was a failed attempt by the US Soccer Federation in creating a Professional US Men’s National Team. The team lasted 1 season and finshed dead last in the only season it played.

You can swap around Classic NASL teams from PEU and Other European to create your own 20 Team Classic NASL League.

Since V3 adds 16 New Classic NASL Teams, squads were updated from V2 to reflect team squads on the new added teams in V3 as well as the original squads on the PEU NASL teams. Rivals were updated as well.

If you choose to install V3 for the new added teams, you will need to install the V3 version of the NASL teams in PEU League (Included in file) to prevent duplicate players.

When installing, check both boxes.

Kits 1024

V3 Classic NASL PES 2021 Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qikd70cga1ndq15/Classic+NASL+League+V3+By+PES+Buck+PES+2021.zip/file

If you have the V2.1 installed and do not plan on installing the V3 for 16 New Classic NASL Teams, then no need to update to V3 as stay with V2.1.

V3 is for PES 2021. There will not be a PES 2020 V3 version.

See more screens here.

2 New Teams Added to Other European Teams

Here are two more Classic NASL teams for Other European – Baltimore Bays and Connecticut Bicentennials.

I wasn’t planning on making anymore teams due to teams in my Classic File. But since I went a different direction, that left me two teams spots available so I was able to add 2 more Classic NASL teams.

Due to team space in my Other European Teams, I am using Wigan and Orenburg already, so this completes my Classic NASL Team project.


Download Link: on mediafire

Also in included in the file is Memphis Rogues as needs a roster update due to the new added teams Baltimore Bays and Connecticut Bicentennials.

When installing, check both boxes.


  1. https://imgur.com/a/YGJsLEw

    How to create Classic NASL Playoffs and Soccer Bowl

    The NASL Playoffs were contested by 12 teams and the division winners competed in the Soccer Bowl (Finals).

    8 NASL teams played in the 1st round while 4 NASL teams had a bye the first round.

    Instructions on how to create the NASL Playoffs and Soccer Bowl

    To create the NASL Playoffs and Soccer Bowl in PES, go to the Edit Menu and go to Competitions.

    Scroll all the way down to the bottom to OTHERS.

    Edit Konami Cup to choose a Soccer Bowl logo from the NASL Soccer Bowl Logo Pack you installed.

    Edit the name to match the Soccer Bowl logo.

    Save and back out to the Main Menu.

    Go to Kick Off and scroll down to Cup.

    Click NEW.

    Scroll down to the very last cup (the Cup you created while in Edit Mode). Click on it

    NASL Playoff Settings

    Number of Teams = 12

    Home and Away = Type 1

    Competition Format = Knockout System

    Cards Collected = Type 4

    Third Place Playoff = OFF

    Hit OK

    Choose your settings, then click ok.

    Choose the NASL team you want to play as in the NASL Playoffs.

    Now go to each NASL team that has a 1st round bye and changing the team by clicking the TRIANGLE to change to an NASL team that you want to have a 1st round bye.

    In the picture below, Fort Lauderdale Strikers and Los Angeles Aztecs on the left side are the teams with the first round bye. On the right side, New York Cosmos and Seattle Sounders had first round byes. The positioning of those team slots will be the team slots for first round byes.

    Then choose the 7 other NASL teams that will be playing in NASL Playoffs by changing the teams to NASL teams with TRIANGLE as you did with the NASL teams that have first round byes.

    Once you have your NASL Playoffs all set, click NEXT and start playing.



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