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PES 2021 British Patch Version 0.1


PES 2021 British Patch
Version 0.1
by silas80, SMcCutcheon and scottish_carson.


* EPL, EFL Championship, EFL League One, EFL League Two and Scottish Premier League *
* 2021-2022 Squads *
* Kits *
* Manager Images *
* Minifaces *Patch by SMcCutcheon
Kits by silas80, scottish_carson and timo the owl
Appearances by Kevuk85 Tony_yeboah silas80 Slarkmeister Boourns SMcCutcheon

PES 2021 British Patch

Thanks to all that have helped. Special mentions to scottish_carson and silas80.

Download Links
Save Folder
Bin files

Installation Instruction
Add British Patch folder to livecpk folder in Sider and add line “cpk.root = “.\livecpk\British Patch” to Sider.ini. Note: This is a standalone Patch so all other patchs must be deleted from sider.ini
Add ‘kitserver’ folder to ‘content’ folder in Sider. Please note this may overwrite some of the stuff you already have in your kitserver folder so back up before install.
Add ‘save’ folder to your PES2021 folder in Documents. Again, back up before install as this will overwrite your current files.
Add netblock

– No International teams or Teams out with the named leagues are in this patch. I hope to eventually add my data to EvoWeb Patch when it is released. As a result, Master League does not work at the moment, not sure about other modes BAL etc.
– Currently League One and Two are situated in the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 slots. You will still get Ligue 1 scoreboards etc unless you download scoreboard server etc.
– Appearances are not complete. Too big a job for one person. I will need help. Some appearances from previous versions of my files may not have copied over correctly so there may be errors. There are several default faces throughout the leagues, mostly League 2.
– Line-ups, coaches and transfers are set to the week before the last international break. Squads, squad numbers etc set to information on Transfermarkt from after the transfer window shutting. I have done some updates since then but not many.
– League Two kits are mostly from last season.
– I’m sure there’s other things to add that I currently just can’t remember.

Future Plans
Appearances. If anyone can help, even if it’s just one team then please update them and send them to me and I’ll add them.
Transfer and coach updates
League 2 Kits for Season 2021-22
Add Scottish Championship, League 1 and 2
Further down the road, add in more leagues from around Europe, maybe CL, Europa teams. Maybe Irish, Welsh or National League if anyone does them?
Stats update, I will attempt to update the lower leagues in line with FIFA 22’s Overalls.



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