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PES 2021 2nd German League Mod by Ben23384


Update 05.06 – The SP21 2nd German League Expansion 2135 with promotion by Ben23384 – created 2nd German division for Smokepatch Expansion 21.3.5.

It replaces the Asian Fake League.

SP21 – 2nd German League Expansion 2135 – V7 includes:
– New Editfile for Smokepatch 2135
– Switched German League with French League
– French First Division is playing in Fake-Europe
– 18 German Teams in 1st Division
– 22 German Teams in 2nd Division
SP21 2nd German League Expansion Version 3 (DLC5) includes:

– New Editfile for DLC5;
– Fix some player stats.

Credits to PESGalaxy Team for Database and Kits and SiuMing for TEditor.

PES 2021 2nd German League

– All 18 2nd divsion teams
– Real kits and faces
– Real stats
– Teambanner, rivals and tactics
– Real teamnames and logos
– Kitserver GDB

211 – Fürth
219 – Rostock
415 – Bochum
4200 – Kaiserslautern
9000 – Hamburg
9001 – Düsseldorf
9002 – 1860 München
9003 – Heidenheim
9004 – Sandhausen
9005 – Würzburg
9006 – St Pauli
9007 – Kiel
9008 – Hannover
9009 – Nürnberg
9010 – Karlsruhe
9011 – Paderborn
9012 – Regensburg
9013 – Braunschweig
9014 – Osnabrück
9015 – Darmstadt
9016 – Aue
9017 – Dresden

If you need player ID’s, open TED-Files with TEDitor

Links: Here.

* To make it compatible with other patch, like evo web, use teditor.

Thanks to:
cdk201 from PESGalaxy (Creator of this patch)
SiuMing for TEDitor
all kit maker
all face maker and heywips for hugh facepack
predator002 for Chants
chosefs for adboards.


  1. Thank you so much for your work! It’s amazing. Can you help me with a minor problem? I don’t know how to import the ted files in the ingame-editor. Is there a detailed tutorial? I am playing on pc. Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Peçome ajude a colocar no jogo um ball pack atualizado, porque o que vem na versão 21.3.3 está desatualizado. Muito Obrigado.

  3. thanks for the effort guys, but I think I wasted half a day of my life with 1) doing a clean installation of PES2021 2) installing smoke patch 3) installing this 2. Bundesliga 4) having to manually add every single kit in the editor for each team in the editor; thats at least 3x -gk, home away- times 18 5) then I tried simulating until the end of season 1 to see whether relegation to 1. Bundesliga happens. And I didn’t even come that far because the game crashes EVERY SINGLE time after match 19 in the transfer period. That’s bad, man.

  4. Hi Schorsch
    I had the same crashes at the same time. I think its because the 2nd Bundesliga replaced a league wich starts at 1st january.


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