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PES 2021 / 2006-07 Season Downgrade by galvarinoantinanco


The PES 2021 / 2006-2007 Season Downgrade by galvarinoantinanco is a project that brings the old PES 6 to the new PES 2021 engine.

New patch update from 05/29/2021 includes:

– DLC 6 full compatibility.
– Around 800 minifaces by The Moroccan .
– Kits config updated by eulinho .
– Fantasy Entrances for almost all competitions.
– New faces (Cech, Pepe Reina, Luca Toni) and some faces fixed.
– Manchester City, Nantes and Lille callnames updated, some invisible boots fixed and new re-worked stats.
– Added World Cup, Champions League and English League Intro.

I’ve also created a Installation Video Tutorial for this update if anyone’s having problems.

Around 5.800 2006-07 players added to the database.​
Original FM07 stats converted to PES 2021 for all players using SMcCutcheon editor and TheMadScientistFM database.​
Real 2006-07 players, line ups, numbers, rivalries and managers for all teams.​
PS2 Icons + ISS Icons for all positions (optional, only English for now)​
Added PES United as Default ML Team​
Custom Menu by Buffon99© and backgrounds for all competitions​
guorfan 2006-07 Champions League adboards​
World Cup real trophy, fantasy adboards and entrance.​
Euro 2008 Fantasy scoreboard and adboards​
894 faces in total, a lot improved, retextured or fixed​
All available faces imported from PES 2016 PS4 Version with the hair animation bug fixed.​
Kits for almost every team thanks to eulinho Buffon99© The Moroccan Boniface Muchelenje wima_2 Raul F.
13 exclusive faces for the patch and more to come!
PES6 original intro converted to PES 2021 by geniowe2002
1800 Minifaces by The Moroccan added to the patch

PES 2021 Season Downgrade

Full Leagues:

English League
La Liga
Serie A
Ligue 1

3F Superliga:

Liga NOS:

Pro League:

Other teams (Europe)
Bayern Munich

Serie B:

Scottish Premiership:


Liga Argentina:
Boca Juniors
River Plate


Liga Chilena:
Colo Colo
Universidad de Chile

UPDATE 02/05/2021:
Hi guys! Here’s February Update. This AIO update includes the following content:

Full 2006-07 Serie B with kits, formations, tactics and numbers.
Full 2006-07 EFL Championship with formations, tactics and numbers (No kits ATM).
Champions League adboards.
+850 2006-07 players added to the database.
Real 2006-07 Managers for the main 5 leagues.
New Menu including PES 6 styled backgrounds for all competitions (made by Buffon99©).
New faces.
Improved stats for a lot of players.
Torisesan Bootpack v2 included.
New PES 6 Intro.
Replaced Real Madrid Castilla with Eibar (since Real Madrid Castilla cannot ascend).
Fixed competitions names.
New kits: Ukraine, Serbia & Montenegro, Charlton, Middlesbrough, Reading, Wigan, Watford.
Removed all not asian players, known players, and duplicated players from Chinese League, Thai League and AFC Champions League.
Removed other duplicated players or known 2021 season players. Detailed list below:



Backup “dt15_x64.cpk” “dt14_all.cpk” and “dt36_g4.cpk” from “Data” folder.​
Backup all files inside “download” folder from root installation directory, make sure folder is empty before you launch the patch.​
Download “dt15_x64.cpk” and “dt36_g4.cpk” and move both files into “Data” folder and remove dt14_all.cpk.​
Remove all files inside “save” folder from “My Documents/Konami/eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE/”, make sure folder is empty.​
Download “EDIT00000000.rar” and drag “EDIT00000000” into “save” folder.​
I’ve uploaded my whole Sider folder to avoid problems from most users, this includes all modules needed to run the patch. You need to run the game through Sider.exe.​

I did not had the time to make a video tutorial this time, if you have any questions regarding installation I’ll be happy to help. Greets!

WANNA DONATE? Our patch will always be free for everyone, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to develop.

If you want to make a voluntary donation you can do it via Paypal: paypal.me/pes2006

eulinho (kits for Ligue 1, La Liga, and some European Teams).
Buffon99© (kits for Serie A and Serie B, emblems, other teams and NT kits).
Boniface Muchelenje (kits for Premier League).
TheDex (appereances from his 100 Teams OF)
MatteoSerafini (appereances from his 2009-10 Serie A OF, amazing work, support him!)
anonaldo (appereances for Valenciennes, Troyes, Betis, Bolton and Pescara).
ejogc327 for his amazing tool.
SMcCutcheon for his amazing tool.
galvarinoantinanco (Edit File, some png’s kits, website and remaining appereances).
TheMadScientist for his amazing work on classic DB for FM.
The Moroccan Minifaces and patch testing.
crisguim faces optimization.
geniowe2002 Intro movie.

Buffon99© PES Classic mod.
Mods by guorfan adboards and classic content.
Cutscenes mod by DurandilPES cutscenes.


  1. Is it just me or i can’t play this? installed and unpacked everything according to instructions, but sider doesn’t start the game. It starts, i can see white screen for two seconds and then it exits. Running the game without sider works fine. Anyone can help please?

  2. For the guys who can’t see the kits in game,
    You probably don’t have the “kserv.lua” module in the modules folder in sider. The modder guys didn’t include this in their tutorial. Download the kitserver module for PES 2021 and then just move the kserv.lua to your modules folder. Add this string “lua.module = “kserv.lua” to your sider.ini on top of all the other lua modules you have.
    Hope this solves your problem!

  3. You probably don’t have the “kserv.lua” module in the modules folder in sider. The modder guys didn’t include this in their tutorial. Download the kitserver module for PES 2021 and then just move the kserv.lua to your modules folder. Add this string “lua.module = “kserv.lua” to your sider.ini on top of all the other lua modules you have.
    Hope this solves your problem!

  4. i did everything like in the instructions, but it can’t load edit file due to different version. Any one knows how to fix this? does game need 1.03 version or something? thanks

  5. I Found a solution, the issue is in the folder PES 2006, i cant explain more because my english is not good

  6. Hi guys. I’m the author of the patch. This was published without permission on this site. If you want to have patch support and recent updates please follow our thread at Evo-Web. Greets!

  7. There are some wrong faces like Ronaldinho seems like Suarez, or deco seems as rakitic. there are some wrongs in premier leauge teams also too, pls fix it

  8. It’s great work!
    Anyone know, in next update we will see some stadiums? Like old Anfield for example.


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