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PES 2020 Sider 6.3.6 For PC by Juce


Sider V6.3.6 For eFootball PES 2020 PC version by Juce

6.3.6 Changelog:
– rebuilt with modern compiler suite – Visual Studio 2019
– dropping dependency on xinput1_3.dll
– ctx.kits.get and ctx.kits.get_gk now return unicolor attributes
– livecpk_data_ready event gets another parameter: cpk_filename.

Download Sider 6.3.6

Download [Link] @mapote.

How to upgrade your existing sider:
from sider-6.3.6.zip take only sider.exe and sider.dll. Keep the rest of your files.


  1. for the people say its not working wait for the new sider this works for pes 1.06 the new sider is need for the new update because pes is now 1.07 just wait

  2. there is now a sider 6.3.7 but if you use EvoWeb Patch then the current version doesn’t work properly with the new Sider. Think it’s an issue with Database cpk.root so just have to wait for EvoWeb to release v7


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